3 strategies to find more leads on Twitter

twitter3 strategies for getting more leads on Twitter

Some say that Facebook is the biggest and the best one social media. But we have also different others platforms which are also great and there is also lot of different people who would like to be socialized. Twitter is one of them. I know that Twitter is not so popular in Europe like Facebook is. But for that there is no good reason. Here you will see why you should use Twitter also same as Facebook.

It is the best way to have few social media strategies which are goes together. Of course you can find it for your self, but great ones are Twitter and Facebook.

There is 320 million people and there is per month 1 billion people visit Twitter. This information are from December of 2015. at this moment there is much more people on Twitter. For sure this people are there to socialize, but also we can be interceptors who will intercept them and show them better future and how to work in a different way in their life.


1. Use automatization

Great thing is on Twitter that you can use automatization to make a better connection with people. One such a great software is Crowdfire! Crowdfire is a free software where you can make automatic message when someone follow’s you. He sends your message automatic. You do not have to do it every time. So, in that message you can say thank you for following and put some link to your blog or maybe to your Facebook page. Just to connect with people on more social media.


2. You will not going to Twitter jail

Twitter is good because you will not go so easy in some kind of jail, like Facebook have and use. It will not shut down account if you offer some products on Twitter. Anyway I do not suggest to offer directly products there because it hurts your business. On Twitter you can be more free than on let say Facebook. Now people are scared on Facebook because all the time somebody gets in jail and cannot use their profile. So, you can free contact people and have a nice conversation with them, without thinking of suspending. Just watch out on that you do not follow 100 people in one day. Then they will shut you down.


3. Use Twellow

What is Twellow. This is free software which is connect to Twitter and in this software you can find people who are in your niche. Let say you would like to connect with people who are in Network Marketing you can easy put in Twellow search Network Marketing and it will list you down all people on Twitter who are in Network Marketing. Also you can use that for any other niche and easy connect with people from your niche. This will save you a lot of time and effort to connect with right people.

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