coffeeWhat to do when coffee is not working anymore?

If you are in  online Network Marketing and maybe still working on your job. Than you will have days when you will be tired like hell.

You will drink coffee and coffee, you probably drink so much coffee that you think you are crazy. Ok, coffee will not hurt you, at least all research show that.

But what when coffee is not working any more and how you will know when your coffee is not working? Check this signs and react fast so, you will not lose time.


1. Watching

when you find yourself that you just watch some pages online. Watch statuses on Facebook’s, that you are not doing anything. You are probably tired. Tired to do something quality things. So, you are just watching and thinking that you are working, but you are not working you are only watching.


2. Don’t have concentration

if you notice that is even hard for you to read text than you are also in problem. Because you are so tired that it is hard to concentrate on the text which you are reading. You will notice that very easy, this will lose your time a lot. Because to understand simple text you will have to read it several times.


3. Pain in your back

If you feel pain in your back. This is your chair saying hi to you. So, watch for that. Back pain means that you are sitting to long on that chair. If you feel back pains after sitting of one hour in your chair than you must change that chair and find a better one, or your back will give you pain.



Coffee is not working anymore, your signs are here and you are tired. What to do?

 1. Sweets

If your coffee is not working and it is not late, than you eat a really bad food. You like eating sweet food in front of your computer. Just little chocolate or some other sweets? Well this will raise your blood sugar and then insulin will drop it down. Low blood sugar will make you feel tired and sleepy. So, combination of coffee and sugars are bad in front of your computer while you are working.


2. Alcohol

Just one glass of wine for a good health will put you down. If you like wine a lot than drink it after you done everything. If you drink it before you go to your computer it will only melt you down. You will not be sharp and good. So, if you would like to be successful in Online Network Marketing forget alcohol.


3.  Real tired

if you are really tired, without of consuming alcohol, or too much bad food and sweets. Than you are tired for real. All above are fake tiredness. Arnold Swarzenegger said that if you would like to be successful you have to learn to sleep fast.

How to sleep fast? I was thinking about it a long time. If you sleep let say for a six hours per day. That will be ok. I know it is not easy, but try it for a few weeks and you will see that your body will get used to it.

Another thing regarding the fast sleeping is really trying to sleep fast. So, when you are tired and you have still work to do. Than you set your alarm on 15 minute and try to make a little nap. It is not important that you sleep, not need to. Just have closed easy for a 15 minutes. It is very important to not sleep longer than 15 minutes because you could not wake up and you will be even more tired.

15 minutes of nap will make you feel good enough to work at least next two hours. Of course if you will not eat and drink alcohol and sweets. Try to keep sugar level in your blood on the same level, without jump or down. In this way you will do more and feel much better.

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