YouTube or Vimeo? Which one is better?

In online network marketing video is one important thing. To tell you honestly I have to improve that and prepare more videos for this blog. but for now thats’s the way it is.

To host a video on your blog is not such a great idea. Because we have a lot of different places where we can upload video and put it on our blog. That is better than to host it on your blog.

How to choose which video hosted is better. There is two most popular.  Host place for your video.


1. Youtube

YouTube is very popular and everybody likes them. The biggest advantages is that it is free. Another one is that owner of you tube is Google. So, if you have upload video on YouTube than this video will google much easier find than if you host on any other video hoster.

There is one more advantage of YouTube. If english is not your native language and you have sometimes translate english and put titles it is also free and very easy to do.

Problem on YouTube is that every time you upload video, you tube have idea to make any correction and video is not that good as it looks like on your computer. I am sure that you notice that. And than you made some corrections and so on.

There was also reports that if you get flagged a lot than you YouTube channel can be terminated. So, if you based all of your marketing on you tube you can very easy be shut down. I am sure that is not your goal.

If you are beginner in network marketing that YouTube is great and if you need translation titles than is also great. I suggest you to use it.

Also I suggest you to use plugin “Hide YouTube related videos” this plugin will remove all relates video which showed up after your video is finished. If people see something interesting of one of those related video, then they will go away from your blog somewhere else and you lose this person. So, watch out about it.


2. Vimeo

On the other side we have Vimeo. Vimeo is very popular because lot of reason. Biggest advantage is when you have upload video on Vimeo, you can set it up like it is your own video host. You can turn of Vimeo sign, you decide will you able option for people to share or not. You can also decide will this video be able to open in big screen or no. So, there is a lot of different options to set up.

One great thing is when you upload video on Vimeo than this video looks great just like it was on your computer. You can set up different resolutions, ok you can do that on YouTube also.

Vimeo is for more advanced users looks better and people like it, but if you want to upload video on Vimeo it is also free, but i would suggest you to pay for Vimeo Plus. It is not so expensive and you can have  all the great options.


At the end which one to choose? Which one is better? Vimeo or YouTube.

There are differences, but I will suggest that you use both. Since YouTube will automatically showed up better ranked on Google, it is great to have YouTube channel. On the other hand it is better to have Vimeo hosted video on your blog. Combination of that two will made a good job for you.

If for some of strange reason which happens from time to time somebody turn off your YouTube channel you still have all this videos on Vimeo. So, upload it on both and use it both. You can have this Periscope training to take a learn little how to make a good video. So, you can use also Periscope in your Marketing!


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