Running a business can be an expensive venture, and there are so many areas where it’s impossible to cut costs. However, you should always be looking at ways that you can save money so that you can spend more on growing your business. The smaller the business in today’s economy, the more they need to save. Luckily, saving money can be as simple as outsourcing work or not buying the named brand coffee for the office kitchen. But there are also, places where you can save money that you wouldn’t normally think off.


Abroad Or Not Abroad?

For many years it has been the norm for a lot of businesses to outsource work to other countries. These reasons can be fairly simple in that it is cheaper to do so, or it might be more complicated and due to legislation and politics. But deciding whether outsourcing to another country is right for your business in the first place is a harder task than you would think on the face of it. What you have to consider is whether or not it is financially amiable for your business. Outsourcing abroad can be cheaper in some areas, but not in all. If you look at the injection molding costs, for example, it can be seen that it is cheaper to have your molding done within the United States rather than in Asia or Mexico. This largely can be attributed to the cost of shipping. So it’s up to you to do the research and figure out which option works best for your business.


Going Green

Going green’ is so much more than ensuring that the office has ample recycling bins, and can save you a lot of money. By switching to energy-saving light bulbs, you can cut your energy bill down by a sizable amount. You can also recycle your ink cartridges and water bottles for money – not much, but enough, perhaps, to cover the weekly milk bill. You should also consider the price of waste disposal – by splitting your waste into general and recycling, you can cut your removal bill in half by having one bin taken each week, rather than two every week.



Outsourcing elements of your business might feel like an odd thing to do, and as if you’re losing some control. But in reality, you can easily save money while still achieving the same standard of work you’re used to. Areas like bookkeeping, content writing and even advertising aren’t things that small business need monitoring every day, and so you can afford to only pay for the work when you need it. You can benefit from years of experience without the attached contracted, monthly salary, or even the cost of holiday pay, sick pay and benefit packages.


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