Search engine optimization covers lots of bases, but the main one in modern culture is video content. Yes, YouTube has morphed into an SEO behemoth which can make or break a website. Still, it’s relatively new and sites and blogs don’t know too much about the practices. Even Google has yet to come up with a method to view YouTube videos on the BoobTube. Don’t see this as a negative but a positive because it gives you more leeway to exploit social media and boost traffic. All you need are the following cheats and you’ll be a YouTube SEO master. One of the best ones is a youtube tag generator. Well, until Google changes the game as always.


Write Long Descriptions

Because Google and other search engines haven’t come up with a way to view video content, they rely on information. Video descriptions are, frankly, small vats of information which the authorities use to judge and rank the video. Of course, they shouldn’t be small because the longer they are, the more info they will include. And, that gives Google a better chance of evaluating the material and giving it a higher ranking. Still, keep the message on point because no one wants to read waffle, but don’t be afraid to flesh out the description.


Start A Convo

Every site wants backlinks because they add validation and trust according to Skip The Line Backlinks. Of course, getting reputable accreditations is a lot harder than it sounds on paper, which is where YouTube comes in handy. On every video post, there is a host of people who want to talk and debate about the topic. Far from being inane nonsense, the comments are fantastic ways to optimize SEO through digital marketing companies. What you want to do is encourage viewers to talk about the brand and maybe include a link or two, learn about Selling UK links. Just having great content will get a fan to spread the good word to others.


Include Video Keywords

Being an undoubted genius, Google has come up with a way to filter words and phrase depending on the medium. For example, take the phrase “skateboard fails.” Clearly, anyone who types this into YouTube wants to watch people having horrible accidents on a 12” piece of wood. What they don’t want to do is read about skateboard accidents. So, when this search goes into YouTube, it inevitably links with Google. And, the good news is that there are lots of them which are YouTube and Google-friendly. Just check if there are any video results on search engines first and then include them in your video posts.


Get Online Communities Onside

From Quora to LinkedIn and Reddit, there are lots of forum pages online. Unfortunately, they don’t like outsiders coming in and trying to hijack their pages, so sites avoid them. Videos are different, though, because they add value by helping to answer a question. All you have to do is find a community which relates to a topic and supply a short answer which includes a YouTube link. As long as it doesn’t look spammy, the traffic should double.


YouTube is a fantastic SEO tool, so make sure you use it wisely.

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