Digital Blunders: How To Avoid These Common Online Marketing Mistakes

We all know how important marketing is to any business’s success. It’s also fairly well know just how important digital marketing has become in particular. As the internet becomes a more and more central part of most people’s’ everyday lives, it’s crucial that businesses are able to use online spaces as marketing tools. The issue is that being a relatively new aspect of running a business, digital marketing can be pretty difficult for a lot of business owners to wrap their head around. This leads to mistakes getting made. Fortunately, a lot of these mistakes are both pretty common and can be easily fixed. Here are some of the most common mistakes business make with their digital marketing and how to avoid them.


Poor SEO




SEO is one of those things that a lot of businesses assume that they know everything that they need to about and rarely make an effort to improve their understanding. The issue with that is that, while their knowledge might have been up-to-date once, it’s very likely that it’s no longer as relevant as they might think that it is. SEO is something that is constantly progressing and changing, and it’s crucial to your business that you’re able to do the same. If you feel unsure about how to implement SEO properly, companies like are able to support your business to keep your techniques as effective and up to date as possible. If there’s one thing that you should always remember is that the best SEO is always a careful balance of keywords and well-written content.


Using old techniques

This is a particularly common mistake among more established companies who assume that they can simply take their pre-existing marketing techniques and superimpose them onto the online aspect of their business. The problem with this is that it assumes that the internet is just another delivery mechanism for many of the same communication methods as before. Whereas, in reality, online spaces use a lot of unique ideas and language when communicating. This means that the best way to use digital marketing is to research the ways in which people communicate with each other in online spaces and adopt those methods in a natural way. Traditional advertising is no longer the ideal method of engaging customers. In online spaces, customers want interesting, entertaining and shareable content.






A week is a surprisingly long time on the internet. Things move incredibly quickly, and if your business isn’t capable of keeping up, then you’re going to end up in trouble. You need to make sure that your digital marketing spaces, your website, social media profile, etc. are all updated regularly and, most importantly, consistently. You need to keep a strict schedule for all content uploads. If customers expect content from you at specific times and then you fail to deliver that content, it’s going to have an incredibly negative impact on their perception of your business. Make sure that customers are fully aware of when you will be uploading content and keep your schedule regular enough that there’s no chance that you’ll disappear from your customer’s mind.


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