I know that you are Network Marketer. You joined a nice company with a nice products and now you have lot’s of things to do. You are smart guy and you understand that the most important thing is Personal growth.

You like that idea and you start buying books, seminars and everything else. But I know that you have a job which takes you a lot of time. Your boss don’t like worker who brings news papers or books to work. Who would like such a workers. So, you have to work hard on your job and don’t have time to learn about your new business which bring you freedom.

Well, you are lucky, because you are on my blog post which will give you a lot of time for learning. Here you can find four ways how to learn without loosing extra time.


  • Audio in car

How much of your time do you drive in the car during the week. But, if you are going to work every day and going back. You must be in the car at least 40 minutes every  day. Everybody today have CD player and most probably USB player in their car. What you have to do is buy seminar or course on CD and listen in your car while you are driving. Don’t worry if you listen one CD twice or more time. To be full effective with your listening, research aid that you have to listen your course minimum 16 times to take the full message in your head. So, while you driving around you will not loose extra time and you will learn.


  • Book in toilet

Somebody said it is stupid. Maybe it is, but when you are on toilet you cannot do something else, and thats for sure that you will be on toilet every day at least once, or maybe even more. In any case, if you don’t go to toilet every day than for sure you have to go to doctor. Anyway ,if you have a book in toilet than you can read and not loosing time.


  • Download Kindle from Amazon

I know that some of you would say on the book in toilet that you can have it only when you are home. But I have a perfect news for you. You can download from Amazon free software which is called Kindle. That software you can download on any smart phone. You can download it from App store or google play it is free. Than you have to buy a book. Books for Kindle is little cheaper than paperback books and you can have them in one minute on-screen of your smart phone.
With this tool you can learn everywhere and anywhere. If you stuck somewhere or wait for somebody. You always have our book with you. If you have your smart phone you have a book with you. That means that you can learn and not loosing your time anymore.


  • Audio Books

You can also buy audio book and listen it on your smart phone. You can also download software Audible on your smartphone and always listen for a book. That means if you are on any training, running or walking you can always listen and not loosing time for that purpose only. Well day have only 24 hours and it is not enough for all the things what we have to do. That’s why you have to use all the time when you doing something what you must done and in the same time you can learn.


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Hrvoje Horvat

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