Do you really want to be a Leader?

Here is five things that leaders in Network Marketing do, what makes them leaders. This five things is let say basics.




1. First to come, last to leave
Leaders are always first. So, when you have meetings you came first and stay the longest. Leave last. Sometimes that is not easy, but that’s the way leaders do. They are first there, prepare everything what is needed. Take care that everything is ok and later when everything is finished they are there until last one leaves.

2. Leaders don’t wait for no one.
I don’t mean that you don’t wait somebody who is late. I mean by that you take the action first. Dont wait for no one for the new things to try it. No, ladies. I don’t mean that you have to try new shoes or make up same day when they came to stores.
I mean in a business sence.
New strategy? You are first who will try it and show it to others. That is leadership. You cannot be a leader if you everything do last. Do it and show to others, that is leading. That is the difference from leaders and managers. Managers tell others what to do and don’t do it by them self. Leaders do it and show others how to do it.

3. Learn from others
To be leader is different from to be a boss. If you want to be leader don’t act like you are the boss who knows everything. I mean at least those bosses acting like know everything. That is why they are bad leaders. No body knows everything and if you think that you must know everything to be a leader, that is not the case. No body likes smartass people who knows everything on every topic. No body follows guys who are trying to be smart. Be a student in topic you don’t know.

4. Complement people
This is tough one. If you want to be a leader, give credit to others. I know that lot of people have a problem with that. But, you have to lower your ego and give credit to others. Why to do that, when you are main man and responsible for good job? Well, the truth is that you didn’t do nothing alone. Special in Network Marketing. So, you cannot take credit to your self. Other thing is that you need people who is motivated, so if they did only a little give them a credit like they did all. They would feel great and they will always do it the best they can’t. If you give credit only to yourself than those who help you, next time will not help you.
Than you will see how it looks like when you have to do it by your self.
At the end of the day. To give credit to others it don’t cost you anything. It is free. Only your ego would suffer, but let him suffer he is the one which stopping your progress.

5. Be there always
This one is very simple on the paper. In reality it is not so simple. I know that sometimes you don’t like to go, that you are tired, that you would do something else. Lets say you have the open plan in hotel every week. You have to be there every week.

I know that you heard that plan hundred times already and you know it, but be there. If you want to be a leader be there every time. It is good for you to learn it, because you are the next one who will do that plan. Take a look at the point 3. And 2. Learn and do it by your self.
Think about the duplication. In network Marketing everything duplicates. So, this duplicates also. If you will be there your people will be there every times. Than their people will be there every time.
In Network Marketing you have to be leader and you have to make leaders in your downline. I think you got the picture.


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