There is one thing what you must have if you want to build a good online and offline business. That one thing is autoresponder for your email marketing.
Why do you need that?
Well, one thing in Network Marketing is very important, what you must have and that is a List. If you do not have a list you do not have a business.
Ok, now we know that you need to have your list. The bigger the list, you have a bigger business.
It is easy to handle those emails when you have a small list. But when you have a big list than you will be pretty hard to manage this e-mails. That is why you need a autoresponder which will, once you set it up work for you. For  used for this autoresponder?

Autoresponder hosting your mailing list. You can prepare your newsletter and personalize it. Than you can send it to your list. Well, you can even set it to be full automated.

Wow! That is great i will go and take one autoresponder. Ups, but there in the market i see that there is a lot of different ones. Which one do I have to choose?

I will made comparison of two most popular one. That is GetResponse and Aweber.

After this post you will know which one is better, but you can choose which one you want.


There are 4 different plans for GetResponse with combination of amount of subscribers.

1. For 1000 subscribers – 15$/Mo
Landing pages (basic)
1 user

2. For 5000 subscribers – 49$/Mo
Landing pages (pro)
Webinar for 100 people
3 users

3. For 10000 subscribers – 165$/Mo
Account manager
Landing pages (pro)
Webinar for 500 people
5 users

4. For 100.000+ – 999$/Mo
Dedicates account manager
Dedicate infrastructure
2+ Dedicated IP addresses
Max mail out performance
Deliverabillity consulting
Custom domain
Landing pages (pro)
Webinar for 500 people
10 users

Good thing is that you can change the amount of subscribers and have the plan which you choose.

Aweber have 6 different plans, but they don’t have option for changing amount of subscribers.

1. 500 subscribers 19$/Mo

2. 2500 subscribers 29$/Mo

3. 5000 subscribers 49$/Mo

4. 10000 subscribers 69$/Mo

5. 25000 subscribers 149$/Mo

6. Over the 25000 you have to ask for the price.

Both of them have 30 days free trail. So, you can try it both. Little advantage have GetResponse because you do not have to put your credit card information for a free trial.
Regarding the price winner for sure is GetResponse. Because on subscription 3. You get webinar solution for a 100 attendees. Usually other companies charge for 100 people webinars 50$. Here you can save a lot of money.



Here is one more advantage for GetResponse. That is easily creation of landing pages. In GetResponse you can very easily creat landing page however you want. Without any technical knowledge.
For what do you use landing page? Well, landing page is much more effective than just a website page for opt in. Aweber has also landing pages but they are very complicated to made it and customize it. Maybe you would even used third-party to made you great landing page and that you would probably have to pay.

In GetResponse on landing page you can easy put video or anything you what. whiteout any technical knowledge.
So, on this feature GetResponse wins over the Aweber.



On this feature Aweber is in little advantage against GetResponse. Templates of Aweber are little bi better than those one in GetResponse. Little bit more fancy. And on this feature Aweber wins over the GetResponse.

This is new feature of GetResponse which is really excellent. You probably have subscribers all over the world and when you send your newsletter some of that people sleeps. Right? And in the morning they have a lot of email. So, most of them don’t open all emails.
Some of them skip some mails because they have them a lot. This new feature optimize time when your subscribers are opening their mail during the day and GetResponse send them in that time your newsletter.

With such a way 23% more openings of mail will have your subscribers. If you have 1000 subscribers that is 230 more openings of your message. That is one great advantage over the Aweber which don’t have such a feature.

GetResponse have support 24 hours per day. Aweber is 8am-8pm mon-fri and 8am – 5pm sat-sun ET
That working time of support can be little complicated for those who are outside of United States. If you are in the US and you are working during the night. Than you will have to wait for support until morning. With GetResponse you will have support 24h per day.
Here is also GetResponse winner over the Aweber.

At the end of this short comparison. GetResponse is better than Aweber in terms of prices. GetResponse offer much more for the same price than Aweber. Aweber have better templates for newsletter, but they don’t have a good way to made landing pages.

What is better with GetResponse?

1. Free trail without credit card
2. Price is much better
3. If you pay for a year you get even 18% discount
4. Creator of landing page
5. Email time optimisation.

What is better with Aweber

1. Templates for newsletter are better.

When we take all over GetResponse is much better than Aweber.
In any case you can take a free trails of both of them and try it and decide for yourself.
Here is the link for both autoresponders.

Link to GetResponse

Link to Aweber

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