Something what stopping people for making success in life is failing. Maybe better to say fear of failing or Fear of rejecting. I don’t know when we pick up this feature? Probably in the hospital when those guys in white take us away from safe place after we were born.

Anyway this is one of the greatest fear. This fear holds us back also in Network Marketing. lot of people when they join to some MLM go and talk with few friends and after that quit. Those guys reject them and they never try such a stupid thing again. So, that hold them back in the office or any other job. Simple their fear of failing and rejecting blocking them to go on with MLM.

Successful people do exactly opposite. Today’s great business Teacher Robert Kiyosaki says if you want to be good businessman you have to learn to sell, that means you have gone and knock on doors. In other words that means you have to fail a lot of time.

Also another authority in Leadership John C. Maxwell wrote a book which is called: “Failing forward” which explains that when you fail is very good. You see most of the people thinks that failure is bad thing if it happens to you. I agree with those two excellent gentleman’s.

Another book which John Maxwell was wrote is: “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn“. It is easy to understand what the name of the book means. You cannot fail if you learn. If you fail and learn something than it is not a failure, than it is a great thing. You are much smarter than before.

btw. Did you know that this name of the book “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn” Kiyosaki gave that to Maxwell. When I was on John Maxwell seminar he told us that when he was on dinner with Kiyosaki he said that to Maxwell and then Maxwell named his book with same words. So, even the biggest one’s use ILT or Invest, Learn and Teach. Well, in that case Maxwell invested probably only in dinner.

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