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Here is now thing that I learned long time ago. That is simple words: “When you learn something new use it now, don’t wait.” So, if you want to be an excellent Network marketer than When you learn something, you will use it immediately.

Now, I will show you what learned not so long ago. That is one thing which everybody should do it. It is concept which is called ILT. Or Invest, Learn Teach. I learned this concept from Ray Higdon who already is legend of online marketing and Network marketing.

We will go here with all process how and why to do it.

1. Invest

You can find free stuff here and there that is really good. Sure on this blog you can find also great free stuff, but those things what you pay. This things are really fantastic. Not, always and not from everybody. Suggest you that you find a teacher who is ok for you and you like his teaching and style. Or you found some great program. Than invest in it. All great business leaders similar to Andrew Defrancesco invest their money and time in new learning. Why? How can you be a leader if everybody before you knows the new things? There is no way. You have to invest and show others how to do it. That is what leaders do and I am sure that you are a leader. Leaders invest in them self, you are the biggest asset.

I always check Wisdom Fuel for reviews before I pay for any online course.

2. Learn

Now when you invest the money, now you have to learn. It is pretty stupid to invest in some course and then not using it. It is the same as you throw the money trough the window. What is not smart thing to do. When you invest, than learn it. If you need to repeat it 10 times do it. If you have problems with learning or maybe you have dyslexia. Dyslexia is disease when you have big problems with learning. If you have that. The best way to learn this thing is to start teaching others. Check out this review of the best learning platforms.

3. Teach

So, now you already invest and learned, or you didn’t learn, but invest. Anyway now is time for teaching. Don’t be afraid to teach others. You don’t have to be perfect expert to be a good teacher. Some best coaches was never the best players. Also some best player was never a good coaches. That you can see in sports, business, everywhere. You don’t have to be the best in that what you teach, but you have to be good in teaching. How will you be good in teaching? Simple! start teaching others what you learned.

Of course don’t be copy cat from word to word. Add little of your personality inside and you will be great. Just like I learned ILT and now teaching it. The same thing you can do it on your next webinar. You can teach this concept, so that your down lines use the same principe to work with their people. In Network marketing is important to have an excellent duplication. Duplicate your self with ILT concept.

In this way you can start to be authority in your Network marketing business. Don’t be afraid to repeat what you learned. It is important to repeat it. Become authority in that what you do and your business will go sky-high. Just use the concept INVEST, LEARN and TEACH.

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