Importance of leadership in Network Marketing

What is really Network marketing business. Is that selling the product or it is signing the people. Is it chain of luck or is it get rich quick. What is that?

Most people in the beginning don’t know what is Network Marketing. Why? Because other people present them in the wrong way. On, MLM business presentation. Everybody speaks about perfect lifestyle, but no body speaks about how to do it correctly.

Usually new people get the idea that Network marketing is get rich quick idea. All you have to do is sign up two and those two have to only sign up two and everybody have to sign up only two. After that you will have lifestyle of rich and free people who enjoy their lives like never before. The best part is everybody can do it.

All that is true, all that is possible, but theory is one thing and practice is another thing.

In practice when you sign up two, they will not continue the same way what you did. They will not sign up two. They will probably do nothing. So, original idea is stopped in the beginning.
Why? Why is like that in practice when is everything nice in theory.

Well, to tell you the truth. Most of the people are sheep’s. Yes, sheep’s and they need shepherd or better to say they need leader. It is like that for a very long time. Let’s it is like that from the world exist.
People need leaders in everything they do. In every business, not only in Network marketing. People need good leaders in every aspect of life. From family to politic structure and in business.

But, in MLM to be a leader is more important than in any other business.
You are lucky to be involved in Network marketing, because this is one of the rare business where you will learn about leadership and how to lead people.

Network marketing is leadership business and if you would like to be good in MLM you have to learn how to be good leader.

Now when you know that you have a nice and very importing role in life you should start to learn about Leadership. Yes, but leaders are born, how can I be a leader?

The biggest mitt is that leaders are born. I mean yes, they were born, but not a leaders. We were all born in the same way. Naked, speechless and stupid! We were not born as leaders!

Leaders are made it is a skill and everybody can be learn how to be a leader. Here you can Read this book from the biggest Leadership authority in the world John C. Maxwell:
“The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You (10th Anniversary Edition)”

And start to learn how you can be a good Leader. Then people will tell that you were a born Leader!

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