Does success come over night?

successWhat do you think? Does in any business success comes overnight night?

People usually see only the end result of what you are doing. Did you notice that?
They even think about you on that assumption. So, if you at the moment don’t have big House or new car People think that you are doing nothing. But when you buy new car or new House they think you have that overnight. And then start to talk about you like you are some criminal who stole the money.

Not easy

When you see some successful guy you have to know that this guy or a girl work like crazy to achieve what they have now. It was not easy for them, they didn’t watch TV. They didn’t go to every sport happening, they didn’t go to watch the movie and eat popcorn and after that drink few beers. No, they were working like crazy.

Gary said!

Do you know what Gary Vaynerchuk said? He said that if you would like to succeed? You have to work when you get home from your 9-5 job. You have to work from 5PM until 2AM in the morning. Than go to sleep and then go to your job from 9-5. Repeat that everyday and you will succeed.

Eric said!

Do you know what Eric Thomas said? He said that you will succeed when you will want that success just like the air you breed.

Ray said!

Do you know what Ray Higdon said to his wife when he starts business? I am going to my room and I will be on the phone day and night, we will not go to see movies, we will not go out, we will not have fun. Two years I will be out of everything.

Jim said!

Do you know what Jim Rohn said? You have to work for a six days and then rest for a one days. As soon as you plant the seed busy bugs and weeds will try to take everything from you, so you cannot rest to long.
I think that is pretty simple what you have to do to be successful. Hard work always pays of in any business. On one way or another. So, please there is no magic trick, there is not magic big step, there is no easy way to be rich. There is no such a thing. Just work your but of and everything will be ok. Plan your work and work your plan! Simple!!!

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