Running a business takes up a lot of your time, especially when you’re just starting to get it off the ground. As your business develops, you might get some of your personal time back, or you could end up letting your business consume you completely. If you want to ensure you have something resembling a work-life balance, you need to be able to separate your business and personal life. It’s not always as easy as it sounds, especially if you run your business from home, but it is possible to avoid being in business-mode all the time.




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Remove At-home Interruptions

If you’re trying to separate your business and personal lives, you need to avoid letting your business matters leak into your life at home. One of the biggest problems can be when there are issues for your business and no one who can solve them but you. Your staff end up contacting you to solve problems, interrupting your personal time. Tech problems are a huge culprit, but they can be taken care of. A firm like Houk Consulting can make sure your tech problems are reduced and easily solved when they do arise. Other issues can often be solved by delegating or outsourcing tasks, so you’re not the only one who can deal with them.


Have a Dedicated Workspace

A dedicated space where you run your business is essential, even if you run your business from home. While it’s not always easy to find space at home to set up as your office, you can usually carve out a small corner that you can cut off from the rest of your home. Maybe you can set up in your garage, attic or basement, or just any space you can find in any room. Even better, being able to have an outside space will enable you to keep your business out of your home. It doesn’t have to be a full office. You can easily rent a desk or other space for just one or two people.



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Keep Your Finances Separate

If you’ve been running your business for more than a couple of months, you probably know the importance of keeping separate finances. But it’s not just separate a separate bank account that you need for your business. You should try to keep your business finances out of your home by avoiding managing them during your personal time. Use business accounting software to stay organized, and avoid doing your bookkeeping at home. A professional accountant will help you get it right.


Work Toward Regular Hours

Regular working hours when you first launch your business are difficult to achieve. You feel like you need to put in every hour available to get your business off the ground. However, you can still work toward regular hours as one of your goals. Sticking to 9-to-5 office hours, or something similar, ensures you have plenty of free time. Plus, if you have any staff, it gives them a better work-life balance too.


Separating the business and personal aspects of your life will improve your health and happiness. Not only could it improve your home life, but it might help you run your business better too.


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