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The most important thing in Network Marketing is duplication. Without duplication there is no Network Marketing. If you do not duplicate system, then your business will go down very fast. The key thing in any company compensation plan is to find new persons, which will find new persons and so on. Everybody should do the same thing. In any compensation plan everything looks great, nice and perfect, but in reality sometimes it is not that easy.


If you do not find any new person, than you do not have Network Marketing business, then you are sales person, what is also great. But here we are talking about Network Marketing, not sales.

You found few people and they know that they have to find few people also, but they do it in their own way. That is really bad for your business. What exactly means duplication? Duplication is when you have a system which everybody can follow and work with it in the same time.

There are different things what you can duplicate and I will present you those things, but not all things are good.

There are good things to duplicate and bad things which will not make your business better, only worse.


1. System

Duplication works only if you duplicate system. What does that mean? That means everybody who is in Network Marketing business have to follow same system. Just like in Franchise business. Everybody must follow same system. Did  you ever seen a different McDonald’s Hamburger? No, because every were you go on this planet, McDonald’s hamburger is the same. Everywhere on the whole world. Maybe it is not the best hamburger, but it is the same everywhere. It must be, or owner will lose licence for McDonald’s.

Duplication of system makes business successful in every Network Marketing company. Company is not so much important, but duplication is. Because if you will have a company which doesn’t have any system, that company will have problems.


2. System must be already prepared

When a new person joins to your business, you must have everything ready. Whole system must be already set up and prepared so every person in the Network marketing knows what to do from the very first step. So, when person joins in Network Marketing company, she must know what to do and use the same things as her sponsor or mentor does. Also, she must see that here you have a system, and must be explained that she have a system which is successful, and only thing what she must do, is to follow it. If a new person sees that there is a mess, and one day is like this, and next day something different, than she will quit. She will not quit company, she likes company and product. She will quit business when she sees that there is a mess in this business. Do you want to see one system which works great?


3. Simple

It is pretty hard to duplicate very complicated things. So, your system must be simple. Something what is easy to duplicate.  When you have a lot of people in your business and if you have very complicated system, only few people will know how to handle it and follow it. System must be that simple that everyone can master it. Same people with high school and people with college, younger and older, everybody.


4. People

There is some mistakes what people do. People try to duplicate people or they want others to duplicate them. You cannot duplicate yourself. Maybe you can , but not in Network Marketing. Because there is a lot of different people.

The most important thing is that you, as a person, are complicated, very complicated. Maybe you are simple for yourself, but you are very complicated for others. So, to duplicate you as a person or that you duplicate somebody else it is the impossible mission. Anyway, you cannot be somebody else. It is the best for you to be yourself, others are already taken.


5. Ego

Your ego could be a big problem to your Network Marketing business. Some people put their ego in front of their business and then they lose business. What is happening is that they do everything by them self. They present and show plan, they talk with everybody. They also do the training, and they teach no one how to present and how to teach others. They would like to be the big boss. They can be, but for a very short time. If you want to do anything by yourself, than only in the beginning everything will be fine.

Because in the beginning you will have few people to work with. But, later on, you will have a lot of people and you will not have time to work with everybody. So, there is no chance for you to make a big business. Because you can work only with certain number of people. In that case, you will get few new people, and few others would quit. People will change, but number of active people will be the same.

To have successful duplication, you have to let go of your ego and start to teach other people how to present, how to do the training so they can work with their group also. You have to create new leaders. To be able to create new leaders, you have to let go your ego. Put in on the side and show people the way how to become a leader.



6. Reinventing the wheel

One of the biggest mistake people that people are doing, is to try the reinvent wheel. Well, you know wheel and hot water already exist. So, there is no need to invent it again, if you have a system which works good.  One thing is for sure. Those who will try to do something else, will quit very soon. Not only that, people who join with them will also quit very soon. Why? Because they will try to do something what somebody else tried already long time ago, and found out that this what they are trying to do is not working. After that, they try to change something, but it will be too late.

If you have system which works, stick to it and do not change anything, not even one single thing. Just follow the system which works. Teach others to do the same and  this will be your ticket to freedom!


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