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The biggest reason why people are not successful and why they are struggle in life is that they don’t think they deserve it. People think that being successful is for somebody else. Not for them. They are happy with what they have and that’s it. With that kind of thinking there is no way to be successful in anything. How Henry Ford said long time ago. “If you think cannot or if you think you can, you are right in any way”. So, it is up what you thinking. So, shoot to the moon and if you mis you will land among the stars. Very simple! Here you will see 5 reason why you should dream big.




1. What you see is what you get

This is very interesting and true. What you will see in your head that you will get. If you see your self as a poor guy or girl then you will be poor. It is very simple. But, if you see yourself as a very successful person than you will be successful. Of course things are not so easy like it seems, but you will get what you see. In the mean time you will have your up’s and downs that is normal. But at the end you get what you see.


2. Why not?

Tell me one reason why not to dream big? Is it cost you anything? Will you feel bad if you dream big? What bad will happen if you will dream big? Nothing, but what could happen if you dream big. It could happen that this dreams become reality. That could happen! You don’t have nothing to lose. So, why not dream big!


3. You will feel better

If you dream big you will feel much better than if you do not dream big. So, try this! Try to think for a 20 seconds on something bad. You did? How do you feel? Probably bad. Now start to think on something great for a 20 seconds. And? How do you feel now? You see? It is very simple. If think about something good, you feel good, if you think about something bad. You feel bad. So, dream big and you will feel much better!


4. If you dream big, you will work big

If you dream big all the time. Than you will automatically start to looking for a way how to achieve what you dream about. It is very simple. So, than you will start to work better, faster, you will have new ideas and try to manage it somehow. People who do not think big, they are not very active. They do not expect to much out of their life. They watch television whole day and they are not some hard-working people. What is normal, because they do not think big, they think small and they work in the same way. You cannot achieve big things if you think that you do not deserve it.


5. Things will change in your life

Maybe things are changing for you all the time, but if you will think big. Then things will change big time  for you! A way will show up and if you will grab that opportunity. If you think small all opportunities passed by. You saw them, but you not react to the. Think big and your life could change just like it did for the Justice who fired hi boss and that recorded on video. To see this video click here. You can also be a person who will fire his boss.

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