slavesAre we modern slaves?

Maybe in school they told you that you have to be good, learn and have good grades and then you will find a good job and that’s it. But that is old theory which is not working any more. Today if you are going to school have good grades you can find a job where you will be a slave. Difference between todays workers and slaves it is not big, if there is any. Of course there is another way, there is always, just you have to take a look and see it. You can also be your own boss in Online Network Marketing Business, a but first let’s take a look 5 similarities with slavery and working people now.



1. Slaves had to work whole day

Long time ago slaves had to work whole day. I was not important are they tired or not sick or not. They have to work whole day, if they were not they will be punished. Now in the companies it is the same, or you work whole day or you are punished. If you ill or you are not filling good you have to be there on your job. Start from morning until job is finished, and you are lucky that you have so much work to do that you leave the office when the sun is down long time ago. There is almost the same like the slaves did it. But general manager of that company or the owner is playing golf somewhere in the same time. But of course he gives the money to that poor worker who work whole day for few bucks.


2. They had enough to survive

Slaves had enough to survive. They lived on the place of their owner and work whole day, didn’t eat too much, just enough to survive. Same is now if you are good employee. You live in the house which is not yours. Owner is bank, you eat during the day some fast food which is full of chemical shit in it and you eat in front of the your desk while you are working. Slaves at least had time to eat in peace. So, you are not sleeping in your own house, you don’t have time for eating and you have to work whole day. You have just enough to survive and to pay bills and credit bill for the house.



3. Slaves didn’t have freedom

Slaves didn’t have freedom. What do you think do you have freedom? Yes maybe on your paper. If you work for somebody else your freedom is just a funny marketing which works perfectly. Why? Because most of the people thinks that they have freedom. But, reality is completely different. If you do not show on your job you will lose it, than you will not have money for your house bank credit and you will lose a house. So, you are my friend in-depth slavery. You are in-depth and you must work to survive. You do not have any freedom. If you think you have than try at thursday sleep until 10 in the morning and after that go somewhere for a nice walk, do that for a three days and at Friday you do not have a job anymore. You don’t have freedom, you are a slave of company for which you are working.


4. Mobbing is similar

It is similar, but there is differences. Before if you were a slave everybody can kill you or whip you if you do. Today no body will kill you that is true, but today you ca na maybe you are a victim of mobbing.  Sexual mobbing or any other psychological abuse is normal thing almost in any company. If you do something wrong or any mistake you will get this days with whip on your back. They will take your salary down and you will get psychological abuse. sometimes you think it is better to have whip on your back ten times than that.


5. You have to listen everything what boss tells you

It is the same like before. You have to listen what your boss tells you. But in slavery it was a clear situation. Slaves hated their bosses, and bosses hated their slaves. They show it to each others. Today, workers hate their egoistic bosses, but they cannot show them that they hate them. Workers today must laugh on stupid bosses jokes. Today workers pretend that their boss is so funny, nice and good, and smart. Situation is the same, workers today have to do everything what bosses told them. Even they do their dirty things just to be better with their slaveholder. And all that for a few bucks per month or per week. Just to survive.


This is better!

That’s why it is better to work in Online Network Marketing were you are your own boss and you can whip yourself how much you want. Than you will have your freedom to do what ever you want to do. To go on vacation when you want, to eat when you want. Not when it is your break. In a day I am hungry in different time. How will I do it if I have to eat every day from 12-12:30 at noon.What if I am hungry at 11h? I cannot eat at 11h? That is crazy…

In any case I suggest you if you read this to start your own Online Network Marketing business. To get out of modern slavery at start to live your life how you want, not how others tell you to live it. You will probably told me that you don’t know nothing about Network or Marketing. It doesn’t matter here on this fantastic program you will find everything you need.

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