Is it hard?

It is hard anyway. Right? What ever you do it is not easy. It is not easy when you are not successful, it is not easy to be successful. It is hard and let it be hard. If success would be easy than everybody will be successful. What ever you do in every niche there is somethings which complicated things. Not only complicate, it makes your life more expensive. What is not good.

What would be better if you would need few things to do your work and that you have to go to a different places to use them or that everything would be in one place for you? I am sure that you would like to have everything hat you need in one place. If everything what you need will be on one place for sure it will be cheaper than you have to find it and use it separately.

So what everybody needs in Online Marketing Home based business? Here is 4 things which you need for sure!

1. CRM

If you are in any serious business you will have some customers, not some if you are good you will have a lot of customers. So those customers you have to handle somehow. To make it easier you need CRM. CRM is short from Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a place were you having all people who you need to contact and to work with. It is an address book with all the people you have. So, there you have your leads and customers. I know that you already have that in your phone. But in CRM you can manage every person, email to case in salesforce, make notes after phone calls, make minutes of meeting. Scheduled a task with every person. You can have a written whole history of your relationship with  that person. Usual CRM softwares price is 30-1000$ depends what do you need from CRM.

2. Blog

This is also very important thing if you are in Online Marketing business. Why do you need blog? Blog is very important for to show yourself and what you know to the people. Blog is the best way to Brand yourself and with Blog you can attract leads which you have than in your CRM software. Blog have many advantages over the normal website which most of the companies and business person have or any other marketing tool. You can see this advantages here on this link. 5 Reason why Blog is better than any other marketing.

If you would like to be good in Online Marketing business you need a Blog. Great thing is if you will have a Blog which is connected with CRM and that all work like one program. That is possible. Yes, you get hosting together with everything else.

3. Funnels & offers

To have connected and in one place Blog and CRM is really great. But to have also Funnelizer were you can create offers also and sales letter it is really awesome. With this software you can create capture pages, sales letter and offers. This is really fantastic.

4. Marketing Strategies

All above is really excellent, CRM, Blog, Funnelizer but how will you work with all that? That is a good question. For every software there is a tons of explanation how to set up and how to work with it. If you never heard for computer before, now you will be expert in very short time for Online Marketing and for using this softwares.

Another thing is that in one place there is so much marketing strategies and so much trainings that you will be expert for Online marketing for sure if you listen all those trainings. There are tons of fantastic trainings that you will not beleave that it is true.

Now you ask yourself is it possible and where is such a place on internet, because you still didn’t find it and you never heard for any place where you have all this on one place. I know you are sure that price for all that is at least 1500$ per month.

There is and that place is called “My Lead System Pro” Or in short MLSP. You can click here to find out more about it and to try it. 

For 9 times less money you can have everything above and put your business to the sky. Not only that you will use this fantastic software, you will also get knowledge how to start an Online business and how to be successful in your Online business. If you will have any question regarding the MLSP please be free to ask me.

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