vincent-van-gogh-1089315_640Which of this two strategies will you use?

Question is what strategy will you use for your business. I will put here two different strategies for your work. So, you can choose from this two.

Do you want to have Van Gogh or Picasso strategy. What is the difference?

Both of them are phenomenal painters world famous and really spectacular. But they had different strategies while they were alive.

Van Gogh was very poor and without any money. While in the same time Picasso was very popular and sold a lot of his paintings. Both of them are fantastic painters and live completely different lives.

Van Gogh was a man who really enjoyed in painting and he do it most of the time. But he had a life problems, he didn’t sell so good his pictures in fact he sold only one during his life. He died young because of very poor life which he lived.On the other side there was Picasso who sold pretty good his paintings. Picasso was very interested person and he was changing girls, and abuse them. But the truth is that he had a good Marketing skills. What was most important he knew how to sell himself and his paintings. He was good marketer.


Good and bad

On the other side Van Gogh was really bad in marketing, not only he was bad in marketing and selling his paintings he was also bad in marketing himself.

I really would not like to get in what Van Gogh problems had, both of them were not clear in their heads, but the fact is that Van Gogh was bad in marketing. But he was good in painting and really enjoy to do it. No matter about the heat or anything else he was there and paint. Regardless of good painting he sold only one his painting during his whole life.


Van Gogh was better?

At the end the most expensive painting in the world was from Van Gogh not from Picasso. So, we can say that Van Gogh was better painter than Picasso. But those two excellent painters had a completely different life only because of different way of their marketing and ability to sell them self and their paintings to other people.

Things are very simple no matter what you love to do. The most important thing is to learn how to market yourself. If you will be bad in marketing you can be the best in what you do. No body will care about you. Just like no body cared about Van Gogh. He died when he was 37 years old. Very poor. On the other side Picasso lived 91 years and he had very interesting life with lot of paintings sold during his lifetime.

So, it is up to you. You can choose which strategy would you choose. Strategy with good marketing or with bad marketing. I like the idea that you left something for next generations, but during your life you have to live good and be happy with that what you do. If you choose to be good marketer than you have to learn and little invest in your self. What is the best way? Well the best learning platform for online marketing is MLSP you can click here and take a look more about it.

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