Is5 ways why is better to have Blog than other marketing

People think that some other paid commercial is better than blog and blogging, but times are changing and benefit of blog is much better than any paid commercial. Because you will get much more useful leads with blog, than with any other type of commercial. Here is five ways why Blog is better than any other commercial.


1. Blog is yours

Your blog is yours, no body can shut it down, no body can put you in jail like on Facebook or some other social media website. You control everything on your blog. You put what ever you want on that blog it is completely yours. There is no commercials on your right side of your blog like on Facebook. So, no body take attention of your customer or client.


2. With Blog you become authority

When you have your blog and write down valued stuff you become authority in your Network marketing business. Than people know you are authority. With any other commercial which you can pay, is that on radio or on television it is pretty hard to become authority in such a  short time. Because most of the commercials lasts for a short time. On your blog people can find complete information which can help them in their business. So, you can help and teach people over your blog, what is pretty hard to do with any payed commercial. Special this days when everybody is online all the time. People walking the streets and surf the internet on their mobile phones all the time.


3. Blog is much cheaper

This is very simple blog don’t cost you anything. You do not have to pay nothing for blog and for blog posts, all you have to do is write it. That also is not some problem. Because if you explain to people what you do on daily basis, you can use the same words for writing the blog. Blog don’t have to be written like Shakespeare’s novel. It can be written in normal words that you use on daily basis. Any other commercial you have to pay. Any other! Radio, television, on social media. Every where you go you have to pay for commercial. Your Blog you don’t have to pay, it is yours. Other thing is that your blog search engines have to find your blog. How to get a free traffic to your website is easy and  you can very easy learn it if you click here and get Rank and stick SEO course from one of the best SEO expert Rob Fore .


4. Blog is always here

Your blog is always here. What ever you do, where ever you go. If you sleep, or you are sick or on vacation for a few weeks your blog is here. Commercial which you pay is there as long as you pay for it. Trust me they will not forget about you and your commercial and that you have it for a whole year and you paid for a one month. That will not happen, don’t worry. Your blog post is here even after a 5 years. Somebody can see it and benefit from it just like you.


5. Both sides have benefit from Blog

Where is the benefit for both side in Blogging? Very simple. If you explain something in your blog, then people will not ask you that when they see you. You will already explain them. Let say that you in your Network marketing company teach over the blog first basic steps how to start business. Than you will not have to explain it in live version. Also people when they joined in the business can same day found out the first steps for Network Marketing business. They can read it when you sleep. So, benefit is for both of you. It is great, because in Network Marketing people often do beginners mistakes before somebody explain them how to do the business. Blogging is easy but here also there is knowledge to learn how to have a professional and profitable blog. That you can very easy learn on this fantastic course form the best Blogger in the world Ray Higdon click here to take more information about 3-min Expert.


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