eventWhen I long time ago start to working in Network Marketing business. It was the old fashion way of doing business.
We were all the Times in home meetings and walking arround with a White board for drawing marketing plan.

Once our upline said you know guys we have a special event. We were also on the workshop and those small events all the time, but now we have a big event. Which we have to pay and amount in that time was not so small.
Finally after some time we decide to go on that event.
We tought that there Will be only 20 of us and some 20 other People what is pretty ok for some event.
But when we came there IT was 8000 People inside. That event changed our mind and our souls. We find out that these what we are doing do at last 7980 People!!

It was really crazy two-day event blowed our mind. So, what was happened to us in that time and why you have to go to events.

1. Others also came

You will see other People who also came to this event. You know the feeling when you are going somewhere and there is only one or two-man. You feel like an idiot, but if you are around 8000 people things are changing in your head.

2. You Will learn from leaders

In this event you will find a lot of leaders who will speak on this event and you will learn from top leaders how to do a great business.

3. Stories on event

On any event you Will hear stories. Some of this stories can be just like yours. When you find yourself in story. You Will that moment know that you can do IT also this business. This stories Will give you strength to continue your hard work and fight for freedom. So, you tell me that I had to go to event to listen stories? Yes I told you exactly that!

4. Boost of energy

One thing is for sure. To be good and to work hard you Will need energy! Not some energy, but really Lot of energy. These energy you Will find on event. Just like you go from time to time to put gasoline in your car. The same thing is events, that is the same just like your car need gasoline, you need boost of energy to win in Network Marketing. So, it is important to be there and take that boost.

5. Decision

In Life most of the things are your decision. Your Life goes in that way. This is a place where most of the People bring decision to do the business until they win. Those decision are not New Years resolutions, it is much stronger than that. So, on every time you can make strong decision. Which will take you to the next level of your working. Event will help you to stay on the track, even if it’s going to be very hard for you!


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