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The secret to being a good leader is the ability to manage employees efficiently and make sure that they are happy with their career path within the company. But what happens if you run an online business and employee people from across the globe? One of the greatest challenges for any business leader is to have the ability to manage employees even when they are in different locations. The online industry has made it more and more important for company leaders to be able to control remotely, so today we are going to discuss how to do it.


Excellent Communication

Communication is essential. You have to be able to stay in constant contact with employees throughout the day. Using software such as Google Hangouts or Skype can be an excellent way to stay updated on your employee’s’ progress throughout the working week and allows you to be able if they have any questions or concerns.


Offer Training

As with any other career path, people want to feel that they can progress and broaden their knowledge and skills. Offering online training courses can be a sure fire way to make your employees happy and therefore increase the quality of work and staff efficiency.





Choose Good Quality Employees

When working with a team of employees who you have never met, it is, of course, essential to make sure you run some checks. There are plenty of companies such as ClearStar who will run background checks on prospective employees. This can include criminal checks and drug testing to ensure that the reputation of your business doesn’t suffer due to ill-informed choices.


Build a Rapport

When you work in an office environment, it is easy to get to know your colleagues because you see them for a good proportion of the week. However, when working with people you’ve never met, it can be harder to gain that sense of relationship and get to know them as a person. This is again why communication is such an important part of a working relationship. Take the time to talk to your employees about other things, not just work. Build a rapport with them, and this will facilitate a much better working environment for all.


Utilise Video

There are many different video conferencing packages out there which allow you to have meetings over the screen. It would be an excellent idea to set a date and time to talk to all of your employees together, that way you get to see who they are and what kind of people they are. It also allows a much more productive environment to work through problems, teach employees about new regulations or techniques- and get to know each other on a more personal level.


Online business is at the forefront of innovation, and with this comes the need to employ people from different backgrounds and locations to thrive in the digital industry. Learning how to lead and manage effectively is a skill which all business leaders should have.


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