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It can sometimes feel as though you are wading through mud when trying to generate new sales leads. You’ve attempted every strategy under the sun from social media campaigns to email marketing, and from snail mail drops to trade show exhibitions. Nothing seems to be hooking potential new customers. Often, you need to step back and reassess. There is no shame in working out that you may need to go back to the drawing board (literally) and think about renaming your company, generating a new logo, and refreshing your entire business model. This can be reinvigorating, giving you back the spark that got extinguished due to many months of seemingly hopeless marketing tactics. It’s time to give your brand an all important makeover.

Your Name

If you are relaunching your business with a new name, it’s vital that you read the article and let your established customer base know well in advance. You could use this to your advantage as a marketing ploy, generating an online buzz about your new company name, possibly revealing it a letter at a time to create an air of anticipation.

Ensure that your new name hits the brief and fits your product. If you make bespoke baby t-shirts, select a short, cute name that is memorable. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just refresh it.

Your Logo

The emblem of your business can be the hardest aspect of your rebranding. Many logos are ubiquitous with their companies. Everyone recognises the golden arches of McDonalds or the tick of Nike. How are you going to create a logo that emulates your brand? Just like McDonalds and Nike, go simple. Who’d have thought that a swish tick would become so synonymous with a brand of shoe?

It’s worth checking out some ideas to inspire your own logo efforts. If you take a look at the top DIY sports logos, you’ll see that there are clear explanations as to how the logos were created and why they contain the design elements that they do. Think about the story of your own company and try to work out a way of telling your company’s story in a simple pictorial form. This is harder than it sounds but, get it right, and a logo can encapsulate a whole lot more than just a vector or graphic.

The Launch

The reboot of the brand that you have painstakingly instigated will be pointless if no one knows about it. You need to blog about your rebranding, set up an email marketing campaign detailing the changes and show off your new name and logo across your social media channels. You may find traffic to your website spikes as people venture onto your site to check out your new brand. Alongside your rebranding, ensure that there is a promotional deal to lure in new customers and tempt your established consumer base into a purchase.

This Boise marketing agency can give thoughtful rebranding to your company, so you can breathe new life into your marketing strategy. Refreshing your company isn’t admitting defeat. Indeed, it is the total opposite. By refusing to continue along a hopeless marketing path and instead choosing to chart a new course for your marketing strategy, you are showing that you will do anything and everything to see your business succeed.

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