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Today is very popular to create Facebook live video. Lot of people do it and at the moment it is one of the best marketing tools. People jut love to watch live videos. Maybe the reason is because it is in the real-time and you made any mistake you made it. When you are doing normal recording you can always record again and again with live video you can’t. 🙂 That’s the way it is.

Also it is very easy to share it all around Facebook, but only on Facebook if you would have any idea to share it somewhere else you will be in little problem. Because Facebook don’t have button for sharing it on other social media or on YouTube, Twitter or somewhere else.

That is way in this video I will show you how you can very easy download Facebook live to your own computer and later on upload it where ever you want.

Just watch the video for a full process or follow those steps down below.

Steps for download

  1. Click on the video with a right mouse button.
  2. Then click on show video url.
  3. Open a new browser.
  4. Put the link in new browser.
  5. Than remove www on link and replace it with m, press enter.
  6. On this new view of your screen turn on your video.
  7. Right mouse click on video and select “Save as”
  8. Save it to your computer and later on upload where ever you want!



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