What is autoresponder and why you need it?

If you are in Online marketing or affiliate marketing business. You need one thing which is called autoresponder.

What is autoresponder?

In Online marketing business one thing is very important. That is a big email list. So, if you have 10 email written on your paper and you send this ten email manual it is ok. But, if you have 10000 emails it is Crazy to have it on paper and more Crazy is to send them manually every Day.
That is why you have autoresponder which Will store your email list and send it automatically to all of those 10000 People which you have on your list.
Another thing what is also very important is that you can set up emails which Will go to the People automatically. Let say that you would like to set some ten Day course for People who option on your website!
Since People Will not opt-in in a same day they Will receive first email at the moment when they opt-in and other emails Automatic in the next 10 Days. So, in that way you have Automatic sending of emails in correction order when somebody opt-in on your website.


When you have autoresponder you are not spammer. Because all People who opt-in on your website can also unsubscribe them from your email list when ever they want. What is really great. Usually spammers don’t have that “unsubscribe” option.

Webinar & landing pages

Some autoresponders don’t have this two very important option. When you have Lot of People on your list and you would like to create webinar thanks it is great to have everything in one System. Because you Will not lose time with connecting your list software with webinar software. The best thing is to have it on one place all together.
Same thing is with landing pages. It is perfectly to have landing pages on one place and to be connected with your email list. In that way everything Works much easier.

Money is in the list

You have to know one thing. That is you have to build your list. Because in Online marketing money is in the list. If you don’t have email list you Will not earn big money. So, you need to have a list and autoresponder to store and to work with your list!
What you need to do is to create your own brand! So, you have to Show your face out and give quality content. That is what you have to

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