If you are not a native English speaker I know your doubts. I know that you are thinking “can I be successful in Online marketing if I am not English native speaker”.
I Will tell you the truth. Even native speaker have doubts Will they be successful in Online marketing. So, thanks it is nothing strange that you have this doubts.


Now on internet everything going around live video, this is the top thing. So, we all have a chance to watch and listen other People. So, if you listen native English speaker you Will notice that those guys all speak almost different Language. In Australia they have one accent, in Great Britain different, in Canada they have French accent. So, all of them speak differently. There is so many version of English Language that really you don’t have to worried about that.

Very bad English

If you English is very bad. Thanks you can write blog post’s and in the same time learn English. When you write blog post on WordPress platform you have English grammar checker so, it Will be easier for you. Thanks when you Will be better in speaking you can start rolling video.


What you need to do is to create your own brand! So, you have to Show your face out and give quality content. That is what you have to

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