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Many big brands have had to go through a rebrand. Take Instagram for example. Their re-brand in 2016 shocked many. At first most people weren’t too pleased about it. The logo had been the way it had for years, and the bright new flashy version did not tickle anyone’s fancy. However most of you instagrammers out there will agree, the new one is a lot better than the old now we’re used to it. A re-brand can work wonders for your company. Think of it as giving yourself a makeover, we all need a new look now and then to attract new people. This is exactly what rebranding does.






The key thing to not change here is your name. Your name is what makes your business, and what sticks in their head. So the main thing to focus on here is either changing your logo, or your ethos. This is what sticks out to your consumers, and your employee’s. As your employee’s are the turning wheel of a company, it’s important to keep them happy. Some companies are known for their positive ethos, but implement it poorly. For example, there has been a lot of dispute as of late around the way Amazon drivers are treated. But their ethos is ‘The customer always comes first’. Whilst this is a good on the consumers side, the reputation Amazon have is appalling on the workers side. This in turn has put many customers off Amazon. So when re-branding, remember the keep both sides happy, and make it what you believe in.


Whether you’re going for something completely new, or upgrading your old rusty logo, making sure you don’t lose sight of your business is crucial. It might be better to simply upgrade the logo, rather than changing it completely. Most big brands choose to change just the colours. As with the instagram example, they changed theirs from the old brown boring camera logo. To the bright purple and orange one it is today. It’s so much more out there and eye-catching. Think about what you’d like to see, and how you’d like your new image to be portrayed. If your logo is just text, try adding an image to it like AirBnb did. Give them something to visually remember you by, images stick in people’s heads a lot easier than just plain text. It’s also a good idea to create a logo online and pick a few variations of it. Then, release the images to a test group of random people from the public to see what they make of the design. They’ll be able to point out the negatives, and suggest where it can be improved.


Re-branding is a big step, but it could be the best thing to ever happen to your business. Sometimes you just need a fresh start to make sure things work out better. There are many different techniques to re-branding that can be found on the internet. The main thing to do once finalising a re-brand is market it well!


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