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Going green is something that businesses all around the world are looking to achieve. Not only is it important for the environment that you run your company responsibly; it is also a good idea to show your customers that you care about the wider world. Running a greener business is not something that has to be hugely challenging or requires vast sums of money to invest. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on your path to running a greener and more sustainable business.

Reduce Unnecessary Waste

It may seem like an obvious one, but you should be taking steps to reduce waste wherever possible in your business. Paper, paper products and packages are three things that are obvious targets. After all, so much can be stored online and it is also a lot safer to keep all your important files digitally. You can also look into the different types of waste management company who can help out with making your business greener. When you implement a waster policy, make sure that it is one that all your staff follow closely.

Conduct an Energy Audit

A full energy audit of your office is something that you can either undertake yourself or you can hire in the professionals to do it for you. Making changes like installing double glazing and adding insulation can make all the difference to your monthly bills. If you are looking to take bigger steps, you can look further into renewable energy options like solar panels.

Replace Outdated Appliances and Lightbulbs

To start off with, you should look into replacing your old fashioned light bulbs with their CFL or LED equivalents. Though they have a higher purchase price, they last for a lot longer and they are obviously the more energy efficient option. You should also look into replacing your older appliances with their more efficient counterparts. Reducing your fuel bills is another advantage that taking this step holds for your business.

Utilise Green Suppliers

Rather than simply choosing the most affordable suppliers to work with, you could instead go for green companies who actively demonstrated their credentials. For example, green web hosts plant trees, buy carbon offsets and rely less on fossil fuels. As a green business, it makes sense that you should choose companies with similar aims to yourself to work alongside.

Encourage Staff Participation

You can also encourage your staff members to live greener lifestyles with schemes like offering rewards for them cycling into work rather than driving. You could also look to encourage car pooling amongst staff who live nearby to each other. Beyond this, you could also ask all your staff members to participate in community organizing and provide suggestions of how your company can be greener and more responsible. This helps to show that you are an employer who values input from your entire team.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on the road to becoming a greener and more responsible business.

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