A Guide To Increasing The Foot Traffic To Your Real-World Store

Attracting people to come into your store is the first hurdle all businesses must deal with. It’s important that foot traffic is valued just the same as online sales from your website. Having a real-world presence, that customers can touch, smell and physically experience by walking into your store, is one of the joys of shopping. Each store has its own vibe, music, decor, style and customer service. More traffic means more opportunities to increase sales and involve yourself in customer engagement. The great news is, there are many ways to increase store activity, but the challenging part is thinking of unique selling points and marketing campaigns that will achieve this. There are many tried and tested tips, which you can edit and shape to fit your brand and project the image you want.


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Throw a promotional event

Customer appreciation events are a great way to lure new spenders into your store. Print off banners that promote the sale and hang them outside your business make sure you don’t block the name of your store. You should also lower your prices a little, so consumers are more likely to purchase something and feel like they’re taking advantage of the limited-time price decrease. At the event, you could have one of your staff members, or yourself, give customers free food. Finger food or even brand-name chocolate bars for the children would create a friendly customer to business connection.


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Changing the image

If you’ve bought the store premises that have been a part of the neighborhood for a long time, the locals have gotten used to it. By sprucing the image of your brand, you can inject a new lease of life into the business. Redesign the logo, the color scheme, perhaps create a mascot which people can warm to. Repaint the outside of the business in big, bold colors. Hire a tried and tested, commercial building painter, that has many professional jobs under their belt. Sit down with them and discuss how you’d like the store to look. You can pick the colors yourself, or you can go into greater length with the help of a colour consultant to channel the desired business image you want. You’ll temporarily need to close the business while the commercial painting takes place, so warn customers a few days in advance that you’ll be closed.

Outreach marketing

Public outreach to customers on the street who may already be on their weekly shopping mission is a quick way to gain new customers. Many consumers are more likely to impulse buy when they’re not sat behind a computer in the comfort of their own home. Take this opportunity to have staff members give out leaflets, weekend sales vouchers, and conduct questionnaires with those willing with free snacks or drinks as a reward for participating. Having your staff meet and greet customers as they walk through the door, in a friendly manner can create an emotional connection. Trust levels elevate when businesses treat consumers like people, not like cattle. You don’t have to just stick to the limits of your store, either. Send your staff on a mission around the town center giving out the information of what you’re selling, where to find you and how long a sale may be on for. Staff must give the proper directions on how to find your store so having a meeting beforehand with people who aren’t familiar with the surrounding area.

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