If you want your business to run smoothly, you must take care of all your employees. This doesn’t just mean paying them well; you must help them keep physically and mentally healthy. Workers who are tired or unwell will lack the motivation to be productive. Additionally, if an employee becomes ill, this may cost your business in productivity and sick pay.


Ensuring your employees are in good health helps everyone. As well as keeping everyone productive, employees who know they’re being looked after will feel valued. They’ll be less likely to quit and more likely to take pride in their workplace. Clearly, the wellness of your workers is important. Here are some ways you can keep them healthy.


Implement An Employee Wellness Program

Most successful companies have an employee wellness program in place. Wellness programs include various solutions to keep workers in tip-top shape.


The research on employee wellness programs has proved how efficient they are. Wellness programs aren’t just a nice benefit for employees; they can save businesses a lot of money by cutting health care costs. Staff turnover rate was reduced to 4% in one company by implementing an employee wellness program. One employer reduced the risk of heart problems for 57% of its employees.


Although you can implement your own employee wellness program, it may be worth enlisting the help of experts. There are services out there such as Health Assured which can help you run a successful health assistance program.


These programs include things like counselling, health checks, and wellness advice for employees. Employees will also be educated on health risks. By preventing them from getting ill in the first place, it can help your workforce to be healthy and productive all year round.


Employee Gym Memberships




A gym membership is one of the perks that often attracts potential employees to a role. Offering a free or reduced gym membership can be beneficial for both you and your workforce.


Exercise isn’t just an excellent way to keep your body fit. It has been shown that working out regularly can reduce depression and burnout at work. It can also give employees a boost, to wake them up and be more productive.


Companies with large business premises often have their own in-house gym. This makes exercising extra convenient for employees. However, you can always use local gyms. Many large gym chains such as David Lloyd, Virgin Active, and Fitness First offer Corporate Membership packages. These allow you to pay the full price of your employees using the gym, or paying part of it and allowing workers to opt to pay the rest.


Many people enjoy having the ability to exercise on their lunch break. Having a gym membership for employees will keep them alert and productive even in the late hours of the workday.


Medical Insurance

Offering employees the benefit of medical insurance will help them keep themselves healthy. Employees with the best quality of healthcare will be less likely to need time off work. Preventing any illnesses can also stop any cases of illness spreading throughout the workplace.


Healthcare Insurance is particularly important in the US, where people otherwise have to pay for their own. Even in countries with government-provided health care, medical insurance can be beneficial. Private health care services can often offer improved health services to government offerings.


Health insurance policies cover specialist procedures, expert healthcare and any potential medical costs. It’s worth looking into as part of an employee benefits package.


Offer Healthy Food




Many employees leave work for lunch. But if you have a canteen, you should provide healthy meal options. Many nutritious foods have been shown to boost brainpower and improve health.


You could also offer healthy food right at the desks of your employees. One study by a UK business found that providing employees with healthy fruit had a range of benefits. Of the 320 participants, 80% said the fruit made them feel healthier. Just under half reported feeling higher energy levels and many felt more alert.


Green tea can also boost energy levels. It also has a range of antioxidants, helping prevent many health problems. Offering some Green Tea bags in the staffroom gives employees an ideal alternative to coffee.


Offer A Fair Amount Of Sick Days

Sick days are important for employees. There will be some situations an employee can’t make it into work, but barring pay can have serious negative consequences. This is why it’s important to offer a fair amount of paid sick days.


If employees know how many authorised sick days they have, they will use them carefully. They will be more likely only to use them when absolutely necessary. Sick pay also builds trust with employees, as they will know their employers are looking out for them financially.


Healthy Office Equipment




Part of keeping your employees healthy is making sure they have the right office furniture. Sitting hunched over at a desk on a straight-backed chair can lead to health problems. It’ll also reduce blood flow, making employees more fatigued and less productive.


Ergonomic chairs go a good way towards making employees healthier and more comfortable. These are chairs that can be adjusted to offer greater back support. Standing desks can also have wide-ranging benefits for employees. When given adjustable sit-stand desks, 85% of federal workers said they had more energy. They were also reported to boost productivity by 70% of employees.


Other tried and tested options include exercise balls as alternatives to office chairs and treadmill desks. Even allowing employees to stand up and stretch or move around can help them prevent fatigue.


Promote A Stress-Free Work Environment

Having a healthy workforce isn’t just about physical health. Statistics show stress, anxiety, and depression account for 43% of working days lost. It’s important you make sure your employees are mentally healthy.


Ensure to listen to any employee concerns. If workers feel like they’re under too much pressure, you should take measures to prevent further stress. Also, watch out for negative influences. If you notice any cases of discrimination, harassment or bullying, stamp them out immediately.


A more positive work environment will make employees less stressed. This will yield less absence and more workplace productivity.


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