Cutting The Cost: Making Your Money Go Further

Penny pinching can prove to be difficult whatever the circumstance. You may be in between jobs, or you are saving for a holiday. Whatever the reason, saving money can always seem like a chore, or you feel that your are making a very big sacrifice to your lifestyle. There are ways to streamline your finances to help you get back on track. Here are a small selection of ways to get you started.



Downgrading Your Shopping

You can be a shopping snob, or you can save yourself lots of money by purchasing items from stores that stock the same items as the leading supermarkets. By doing this, you can save yourself more than a third off your shopping bill each week. So, for example, if you spent on average £50 a week on your shopping normally, you save £16.66 per week, totalling £866.66 over the course of a year! Don’t be afraid to look at what is on offer too! There is always a bargain if you know where to look.


There is a Benefit to Benefits

It sometimes isn’t the most glamorous of options to claim benefits, but if you are currently in between jobs and you need that extra bit of help you are entitled to job seekers allowance or help with payment for your housing, so why not take advantage of that help?


Look In Your Attic

Giving your attic a clean may spring up some surprises for you. That old lamp in the corner that you don’t have a use for? You could get a surprising amount of money for it on auction sites! Plus, you’ve cleaned your attic, so you won’t need to do that again for a while.


Put That Skill To Use!

Do you have a skill in gardening, sewing or any arts and crafts leanings? You could sell your skills online. Handmaking items for sale online, such as pictures, jewellery or toys, can give you a financial shot in the arm. Doing the gardening or window cleaning for those that aren’t able to do it themselves is handy on a local level. And if you’re really good at these, you could turn your skill into a lucrative business.


There Is Help Available For Your Debt

Debt is always something that can cause undue amounts of stress and panic. If you are in a certain amount of debt due to credit cards or anything else, you may want to consider loans for debt consolidation. You can put all of your debt under one manageable umbrella and can save yourself the worry of keeping track of every payment.


Energy Suppliers

Are you paying more than you need for your energy. You can have a look online for the best deals relating to your energy usage. You can also get energy meters, which measures your usage and turns it into a sum of what you are paying per day, so you can see where you can cut down on your electricity or water.


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