The Holy Trinity Of Making Progress In Business

Want to get more done in a shorter period of time? Need to make better progress on each of your projects, and deliver to your customers sooner? If so, there are three key things you need to look at in your business that could be stopping your ability to make progress and get things done. Today, we’re going to take a look at the key areas – the Holy Trinity, if you like – that could be stopping your business’s progression and development. Let’s take a closer look.




Work faster

Productivity – the amount of work you get done in a particular timeframe is critical in business. The faster you work, the more money you will be able to earn – it’s as simple as that. But in every business, there are some serious productivity killers who are probably stopping you from making headway. And there is also the issue of working faster but ensuring the quality of your output remains the same to consider. So, how can you address issues of productivity?


There are plenty of things you can do, from working out your team’s most productive hours of the day to cutting the number of company meetings you are holding. Ultimately, however, the more motivated your teams are, the more productive they will be. If you want to get business done, make sure your team is excited, loyal, and happy to be in their jobs.




Improve the systems

The next of the Holy Trinity of making business progress is to improve the systems you use. When you drive a car, for example, the better you tune her up, the more efficient – and faster – it will go. However, given the huge number of systems most modern businesses use these days, making improvements is not a simple task. From servers that host your website through to databases and software that you use for everyday tasks, all of them could be stalling your progress and stopping you from being efficient.


There are a few solutions, however. Freeing up your employee’s time by using managed IT services is a step in the right direction that can have a positive impact on your productivity. Streamlining systems – using cloud services like Google Docs, for example – can give the opportunity for remote working and collaboration. And choosing the right project management software for your needs can help you stay on track and ensure progress is being made at all times.




Remove distractions

The last part of our Holy Trinity is a simple one that most companies are guilty of: the many unnecessary distractions in your business. To use the car driving analogy again, it doesn’t matter how well you fine tune your vehicle, it will never perform well or reach top speed if it is continually encountering road blocks and red lights every 100 yards. And the uncomfortable truth for many business owners is that many of these roadblocks are self-inflicted.


Are you micromanaging your employees, for example? Does your team have to wait for decision making to take place, while you pore over every last, minute detail? Proper delegation can help, here, as can the simple act of putting your trust into your team. Meetings are another potential issue, as we mentioned above – and let’s not forget the impact of poor communication. All of these matters will need to be sorted out if you want your business to progress. Good luck!



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