A good boss is someone who is able to challenge and support all of their employees at the same time. By doing this, they can keep all of their workers motivated while continually achieving their best possible results.







There is only one way you can truly know how you should be supporting your employees – by asking for their opinions and thoughts on various matters. Once you know exactly what they all think, you can start to change things for the better.


There’s just one problem with this – workers can be very reluctant to tell their bosses and managers exactly how they feel. That is usually because they are worried they will get reprimanded for saying the wrong thing.


But it doesn’t have to be like that, though! Here are some sure-fire ways you can get honest opinions from all your employees.



Look For Nonverbal Signals

Sometimes we can tell what a person really thinks just by looking at their body language. When you are speaking to your team next, you should take a look around the whole room. What does everyone look like? If you see a lot of downcast eyes, tight mouths, or averted gazes, then it looks like your employees aren’t really feeling what you are saying. It could be time to switch up your strategy! Ideally, you want to talk to employees who meet your gaze and nod slightly as you talk. That shows you they are in agreement with you.




Get Rid Of The Suggestions Box

Do you have a suggestion box that is hardly ever used? If so, it’s time to get rid of it! There are much better ways to get your employees to tell you all their thoughts and feelings. You might like the idea of download a free employee engagement survey that you can send out to all your workers. If you get them to fill it in anonymously, there is more chance of them completing it.







Think About Feedback Coaches

If you are someone who doesn’t take negative feedback or constructive criticism very well, you should consider getting some feedback coaches to take care of gathering all of your employees’ opinions. The coaches will speak to your employees and turn all of their feedback into data for you. This might also be beneficial to your workers, as they won’t feel like they are telling you all their honest opinions to their face.





Don’t Get Defensive

Even if you do get some very bad feedback from your staff, you should not get defensive. Just one display of negative and defensive behavior can put your workers off telling you their true thoughts for good. Even if you do hear something that you don’t like the sound off, keep a cool head and just take everything on the chin.


Once you do get your employee’s honest opinions, you will find that you can use it to your company’s advantage. You will know exactly how you can improve and how you can further motivate your workers!



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