How the Elements Can Affect Your Brick and Mortar Business

There’s a lot to be said for having a brick and mortar store, which is, in this digital age, becoming a less taken option for many an aspiring business person. They allow you to put your thoughts and feelings into something tangible; you can speak to your customers face to face; you can be part of – and contribute to – a wider community. But there is one thing that you’ll have to contend with: the old arch nemesis, the pesky weather! Below, we take a look at five ways in which the elements can affect your store.



Foot Traffic

Come rain or shine, online businesses know that – unless there’s a power outage – there’s nothing to prevent their customers from firing up their computer and doing a spot of online shopping. This is not the case with physical stores. If there’s a torrential downpour, then you can expect the streets to be empty – and if the streets are empty, then there are fewer people passing your store. Fewer passersby mean fewer opportunities to sell, and so on. In some parts of the country, it doesn’t even have to be torrential rain – a light drizzle will keep people indoors!

Additional Expenses

Living in a place that has a year-round moderate climate might not seem like the most exciting thing on earth, but it does have its advantages; chiefly, that you typically end up spending much less on your monthly bills. A warm summer might be pleasant, but you’ll be racking up the cost of those A/C bills. And a chilly winter…well, we’re still trying to figure out the advantages of those. People stay wrapped up indoors, the heating bills can be through the roof, and yeah, not great.

Flooding and Other Damage

Sometimes, the weather isn’t going just to affect the number of people who are coming through the doors or marginally increase your bills; it’s going to cause significant damage, which in turn will require you to hire commercial flood damage restoration services to help you reopen your business as soon as possible. Before you start your roofing works click to investigate the best material for the weather your roof will face. For starters, if you have a flood, then you’ll lose stock and will have to keep your doors closed while it’s tidied up. To minimize the risks of this happening, take a look at long-lasting roofing systems. They’ll ensure that your premises are less prone to flooding and other water damage that can be caused due to a faulty, leaky roof.

Supply Issues

Your business isn’t out there all on its own. It relies on other companies for products, services, deliveries, and so on. If they’re located in other parts of the country or the world, then you may one day find that you have supply issues even though there’s blazing sunshine outside your door – as such, it’s always good practice to have contingency plans in case you’re unable to get what you need from your usual supplies due to weather issues.

Staff and Work

Finally, let’s not forget those lost work days, which can cost your business – and the wider economy – a lot of money. To prevent losing days due to icy roads and the like, look at incorporating telecommuting options into your workplace for those who able to work remotely.

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