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There are many times in business when you might find yourself visiting another business’s premises. You could be checking out a manufacturer’s factory, attending a meeting with a supplier or discussing a potential deal with a business partner. When you have to go and visit someone else, it can feel like they have the upper hand because they’re on their home turf. But you can still make sure that you have a productive meeting and come out of it with what you want if you know what you’re doing. Take a look at the following advice for visiting someone else’s office, factory or other business premises.


Make a Plan

Of course, you’re going to need a plan for meeting up before you go. First, you need to arrange a time and place to meet that suits both of you. This should be the easy bit. You also need to discuss the purpose of your visit and what’s going to be on the agenda while you’re there. Now is the time to make sure that your host knows of any particular needs that you might have. For example, you might need step-free access to get into the building or you might want to be able to order vegan food from the canteen.



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Be Careful

When you’re visiting someone else’s business premises, it’s important to be careful. You don’t know how everything is set up, and there could be dangerous work taking place, particularly in a factory. It’s important to be careful so that you can avoid accidents and injuries. It’s your host’s job to look after you and make sure you stay safe. If anything does happen, you might want to seek advice from an accident attorney. The business could be liable for any damages if you get hurt during your visit. Of course, if you don’t want to damage a business relationship, you might want to try a more gentle approach first.


Be Prepared

Before you attend any meeting, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. You’ll look better if you turn up with some things you want to discuss or some materials prepared. Having some questions that you want to ask is a good idea too, especially if you’re meeting with a potential supplier. It’s particularly important to be prepared if you’re going to be working out any kind of deal, and you don’t want to feel like the person you’re visiting has an advantage.



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Brush Up on Etiquette

It’s important to know how to behave when you’re visiting someone at their business. It’s even more important if you’re visiting them in another country, where the business etiquette could be different. Before you go, make sure you brush up on the polite thing to do in different situations. Should you take food or drink if it’s offered? Do you need to wait for everyone else to sit down before you do?


You could have a successful visit with a supplier or business partner if you’re well prepared. Communicate with them about what will happen before you go.


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