relaxingIf you don’t use it, you lose it!


What is that mean? It means that you have to use skill to remain it. It is the same as you are in the sea with 20 kg. or lbs (the same) of lead around your body. so, if you do not swim you will drown yourself. This is the same, if you do not use new skill which you learn you will lose it. You can notice that with language. If you learn some other language except your native, than if you do not speak this language often you will forget it. It will be pretty hard to use it again and to speak so great and easy like you did before. I think that now is pretty clear that all your skills which you learned you have to use it to have it, and to be good in it.




We all need relaxing in out life. That is important to be healthy and to feel good. But there is difference in relaxing and in neglecting things which you have to do to be successful in any business. Relaxing wisely is very important. Relaxing should be preparing for a work, not a wasting time. Do you know that time is only non renewable resource? You can not put back your time, you cannot have time again. Time is passed and if you use it bad than you will not have time to use it good. With money and everything else is different. Money you can spend and earned again, than spend it again and earned again. Money is not so much problem, but time is.

So, if you will neglect your new skills you will lose it. That is for sure, so any new skill which you learn, please use it. Use it until comes the day when you will be master in it. If you need sacrifice relaxing, for just relaxing. Relax only to fill up your batteries and then start again to use your new skills.


Learn it and use it

Do not be like people from the college. Do not learn for five years and then use that what you learn. In today’s world that is to slow. Now, when you learn new skill you have to use it as soon as you learn it. Use it immediately. Now, do not wait. Because in the mean time you will learn something new and forgot the old stuff what you learned. Don’t be forever student. Learn it and use it now! If you will not use it, you will lose it! remember that.

First use what you learn and then go to learn something new, and that new use right now. Do not wait for a second. Do it now! Do not drown yourself in learning.


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