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I am sure that you are aware of visualization power? If you are not. I will explain you and give you some examples. You know how people say: “You get what you see” If you see bad things, that you will get. So, you have to see yourself how you will look in the future. If you will have a bad image of yourself in the future that is how your future will look like.

But, visualization is not only for let say “dreamers” it is very important in sports. Do you know that in Skiing, skier before the start visualize the track where he will go? Same thing do guys in Rally. Rally drivers day before write down the track in their notebooks and then at the evening driver visualize the track. Every curve he visualize. so, you see it is very important to do it in such a short terms. What do you think what kind of impact have visualization on the long-term? Do you think it is important? It is, very important. Because what you see, is what you get.


There is some people who are pessimistic and they have only pessimistic images in their head. No, wonder if come true what they think about all the time. Just like Henry Ford said.: “If you are think you can or you think you cannot, you are right!”. In any case you need to control your mind, or your mind will control you. You can visual something great or you can put in your mind what TV has to offer. Usually some crap.

How to use visualizations to have better life?


1. Relax

To have a good visualization you must be relaxed. It is pretty hard to visual things if you are very nervous. First relax yourself then you can start to do it. You can use different ways for relaxation. One is very good and it is pretty simple. Just go to bath, put hot water and be there for a ten minutes. after ten minutes you would feel much more relaxed than before. You can even made your visualization in the hot bath.


2. Control your mind

I am sure that your mind will have a lot of things to say to you and that your minds will fly very fast. But, you need to control it. Focus on the your visualization. Do not let your mind control you. Maybe in the beginning it will be hard for you, but later on you will manage somehow to control your mind.



3. See your self in the future

See your self as you would like to be in the future. If you would like to be successful and happy see your self in that way. Not, only see yourself. Feel yourself just like it is now and today. Just like you are already that what you would like to be in the future.  If is that some great position in your business. Just see and feel like you are there! Do it your visualizations every day and you will see that your dreams will come true. Never ask how! It is not important, how will come anyway. Do not worry, just do visualization.


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