What not to do on social media

 social mediaOn social media there is Lot of People, a really Lot of people. You can siphon these people right to your brand with a little help fromm the Marketing Heaven. I know that everybody Network marketer see his opportunity on social media sites. But what happen there than. There is Lot of marketer who try to catch other People and put them in their business. But, usually things not going the way as they think.

So, IT is Lot of crowd which are going Crazy with their business. Reason why they are not so succesful is because they are not know what mistake they makes all the time.

Here you Will see their big mistakes which you have to avoid in Online marketing.

1. Spamming with links

People spam everywhere with links to their business. What kind of links are that?
IT is link about their business opportunity without any value in IT. Just a book to get in the business. What happen in different groups you have bunch of People who throw away their links everywhere and no body reads those links. because no body wants new opportunity. They have their own any way.

2. Do not give any value

If you would like to have People on your side you have to give value to the People. You have to be solution for their problems. If you Will only give them some hype or something else than People Will nit follow you that’s for sure. So, give value stuff, Find their problems and provide solution.

3. Too much automation

It is good to use tools which will post for you some thing on your social media site. Using this tools your page looks like you are all the time on it. That can be very useful, because you can be in the coffee bar and drink coffee and in the same time had your audience entertained on your social media site. But, there is always some but. But, if you will have too much posts on this social media site, than everybody would run away from you. You have to know that you cannot have every day 20 posts on your social media site. So, use this automation posting wisely and do not made mistakes like some people.

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