Image Is Everything In Business: Here’s How To Nail Yours


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There’s no denying that image is integral to the success of any business. It’s not just about ensuring that workers are dressed smartly but that the ethical values and the level of success your company projects are enticing to the consumer market and intimidating to the competitors within your respective industry. Good business is all about the game of portrayal. your image should be genuine, first and foremost, but consumers and other businesses are likely to fill in the blanks if you have an airtight image. For example, strive for eco-friendly manufacturing and people will see you as the most ethical company in the industry.


Of course, the challenge of nailing a strong business image might not be something that you find so easy to overcome. As mentioned above, and as will be expanded on throughout this article, many companies go wrong because the image they project is not an accurate reflection of what goes on behind closed doors. They might promise a happy and helpful customer service but some of their employees are miserable and untrained; they might promise an ethical service but some of their production methods are questionable. The point is that you need to walk the walk if you’re going to the talk. Here are some pieces of advice to help you nail a strong image for your business.


A passionate workforce.

Your employees will make or break your company’s image. As mentioned above, if you promise that your business is a caring and kind company which wants to help people but the employees you hire are rude and unkind then that can shatter the reputation you’re trying to build for your company. It’s all about the way your members of staff present themselves to consumers. Yes, the way they dress is important in that they need to portray a smart, organized, and professional image of your company.


However, this is only one part of the equation. The most crucial aspect of their job is customer service. They need to be a strong and unfaltering face for your business. That’s why it’s so important for you to keep your workers happy and passionate so they can project the same values out to your consumers. Make sure you offer them perks, rewards, and even early finishes for their hard work so that they know they’re respected and valued within the company. Essentially, if you treat your employees in the same way that your treat your customers then you’ll find that they offer that exemplary customer service you’re looking for. Your workforce just needs to feel as passionate about the company as you do. Given them a reason to be invested in the business. Offer bonuses, promotions, and even free lunches to incentivize them.



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A good office environment.

As mentioned above, it’s vitally important that your employees are happy if you want them to project a professional and passionate image to your customers. This, along with impressing any potential clients who come onto your business’ property, is why it’s so important to create a good office environment. This means more than an office with all the essential resources that your employees need (though that is important); it means your business’ workspace needs to be comfortable for your workers and visually appealing to anyone who comes into the office.


For starters, you need to make sure your workers have ergonomic keyboards, chairs, and desks. Not only do these modern office furnishings and devices make a workplace look up to date and fresh but they provide the practical benefits of ensuring your employees are comfortable whilst they work. To clarify, this isn’t about helping your members of staff relax whilst working (to the extent that they’re unfocused); it’s about looking after the physical health of employees so that they continue to work happily and safely without back or wrist pains affecting their work or their personal health. It’s for the benefit of the company but also the workers as individuals. It also says something about the business if you’re willing to always ensure your employees have a comfortable working environment; it portrays the image of a caring and people-centric corporation.


A strong online presence.

Your business needs to work on its online presence. Simply using the internet isn’t enough. It isn’t enough to sign up for a Twitter account and create a simple website. Every other business in the game is doing that but the ones who are leading your industry are the ones with an enticing image; it’s about visual appeal and the content beneath the surface, yet again. When it comes to social media, you can’t just constantly advertise your business’ services. You’ll bore your followers or fail to gain any at all. You need to create a personal platform for consumers to engage with your business. If they ask questions then answer them. Create a social media team which is always on guard and ready to give a real human response to people online. Create an approachable image to really boost your business’ online presence.


Your website is also one of the key parts of your business’ online image. If you want to really impress customers or potential customers with your company site then you need to ensure that it looks professional. You might want to read more on web hosting services out there so that you can get a proper domain for your website. It’s crucial that your company doesn’t look cheap, lazy, or untrustworthy. Going further than this, you need to make sure your business’ website is visually appealing too. Forget the cheap graphics and hire a proper designer to make your company’s website look good.


The main reason you need to take your business’ online presence seriously is that it’s the future of marketing for businesses. The way your company presents itself online will drastically affect the number of consumers who come flocking to your door. The visual aspect of your website is the secret key to converting traffic into sales. So many companies get it wrong; they either use a tacky design or fill up their website with messy and excessive content. People don’t like to read through endless business jargon. They want short and concise content that shows them a product or service and makes it clear why that good is the right purchase for them.



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Find good influencers.

If you want a better image for your company then look to people who’ve already gained a strong image and have a strong following for themselves. You need influencers to help… well, influence people to trust your business. Whether it’s a reviewer, blogger, or another big player within your industry, you need to sweeten those people at the top to try and give your business some credibility. At the end of the day, a good image comes down to credibility. If you can skip some steps and prove that your company has a trustworthy reputation then you can reach the consumers you need to reach and craft a strong image for your company.



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Old media can have its uses.

Whilst social media is undoubtedly a far better way to reach consumers, given that you can control your business’ own social media pages, this doesn’t mean that traditional forms of media are no longer useful. Use the press to boost your business’ image wherever you can. It might help to get involved with local charity events to prove that your company has strong values and really cares about things which affect the community, whether it be on a local or national scale.


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