The Importance Of Space On The Web

When we think of the digital world, we tend to consider the same things that we do when we think of the universe. We think of a huge, bounding open space that seems endless. For the most part, that’s right to consider. The internet is as endless as we would want, and work for it to be.

The big problem is – a lot of business owners and internet workers can be caught out due to their pre-existing notions of what the internet is. It isn’t just a place where you can stick everything and grow endlessly. You need to ensure that you know about your limitations on the internet, because you might be heading straight for a digital brick wall – or a glass ceiling.

Hosting is where many people and businesses will have a headache when it comes to space in the digital world. Bandwidth is limited, and if a website exceeds a bandwidth allowance, it isn’t going anywhere except offline.  Plenty of people are competing, like any aspect of business, to host your web services. What you are looking for is a cost-effective, reliable and flexible web host who will allow you to grow and contract as and when you need to. What you need to use is a great web hosting comparison to separate the wheat from the chaff and go for the option that works for you. The limitations of online space are a big deal – and you’ll find that out quickly if you encounter success on the web.Now, your web presence isn’t physical, but for all intents and purposes, it must be considered to be physical. It’s not a finite space and your ‘room’, so to speak, is dictated by your hosting plan.



A store that is popular is going to fill up with people, isn’t it? This is the same for a web page. If you don’t have enough room available for web browsers, you’re going to experience a slow-down and then a shut-down. The explosive viral nature of what we share on the internet means that sites can experience spontaneous bursts of activity that they cannot handle. This is why we mentioned the importance of a flexible host above. If your site is reaching the limits of what it can make room for, calling up a host and asking for more space is needed – but this only works if the host is going to act on your request instantly. If they don’t your site will go offline and you will miss out. This is an absolute nightmare! The problem is, you can’t really predict when you’ll reach a peak, it just happens at any point where you are heading in the right direction. That’s why you want a hosting provider to be flexible. (Reference:

You want your web services to be flexible, and while your hosting might be able to bend back and forth, you also want the same from your other web-based operations. Storage and the intranet, for example.

Storage is an important use of space on the internet, and it’s one of the main functions we expect – especially in this day and age where we can all access cloud computing services. The thing is – this space is not unlimited, and you’ll be charged for it’s use. There are plenty of web services that will give you around 10gb for your files, for free. Google Drive will offer you 15gb for your files without charge as well. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your services to get more for your money. If you want some serious storage, you are going to have to pay for it though, and most businesses with big aims will need big storage.



The same goes for cloud power – if you’ve got financial sensibilities to account for you might opt for a third-party host for your services instead of basing all your digital might in house. Again, the space you have to use is only going to be as big as your budget, so it’s not going to be unlimited.

Space isn’t something we often consider when it comes to our digital output, but it’s something we need to think about! If we are not thinking about space, we aren’t really thinking at all! We don’t have unlimited space to think of – and if we plan to use unlimited space on the internet, our plans will fail us. It’s important to be realistic about your aims with your business, especially when it comes to your use of space in the digital world.

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