Your office space says a lot about you, and your personal philosophy for running your business. A bad, compressing office layout only serves to alienate your staff, because they will believe that you don’t think them worthwhile of providing a nice office space to work in. Not only that, but you’ll be spending a greater part of your week here, so it’s important that you make it at least a comfortable place to stay and help you blossom your best business sense.

But an okay office, for most worthwhile business leaders, is not good enough.

The best way to overcome these issues? Following these 6 simple steps:

Separate Meeting Areas

It’s important to have separate areas to meet and woo potential guests, investors or shareholders to your firm, because not only will it look more professional, but it will help your staff work in peace. It will also lend your meetings an air of privacy, which is important when you need to keep important ideas quiet for the time being.

This separate meeting area, which should ideally be behind some form of wall so as not to be subject to intruding eyes or ears, can serve as the spacial launching pad of some of the most lucrative investments or partnerships you will make. Be sure to deck it out with a presentation screen you can project images and slideshows onto in order to help illustrate any points you have to make. When you need to directly address one of your departments, this room will help you do it.


Your office needs to be clean at all times. You can hire commercial cleaning services to come at night, so you enter a fresh and tidy office every morning. An office cleaning company can help take some of the responsibility off your shoulders while providing your staff with a pleasant place to work each day. It’s the least they deserve.


Noise nuisance is a real thing, and it can hinder productivity to a near unlimited degree. Making sure that you have the best contingencies in place to help prevent noise coming into and from your office is important. This should be decided when you choose to rent an office space or not. Be sure to visit it multiple times to ensure your staff will not be affected. If you’re running a noisy operation, such as an audio production studio, do your best to implement insulated and foam soundproofing to keep the sound in, and your residents/businesses happy.


Good ventilation is key to help your office seem open, fresh and worthy of working in. The stuffiness of an environment can actually serve to make space feel less open and inviting. Your office needs it. Ventilation can also help to prevent unnecessary odors that occur as a result of many people working in the same environment. In the winter, it can also help keep the office fresh without opening a window and letting the heat out. Also, make sure your roofing is properly insulated so that it won’t be that hot in the summer. Visit or other sites to see what materials you should use for your office roof. If the heat is unbearable in the summer, you can contact an air conditioning Western Sydney service for installation of cooling systems in the office, have a look at this webpage, for the best professionals.

These tips, successfully implemented, will make any office space pleasant to work in.

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