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What is the most important thing on your Blog to be profitable and good. Well, that is the main reason why you have a blog. Right? People have blog for some different kind of use. Somebody have blog for just writing something and they enjoy to do it. They do not think about earning money or something else too much with their Blog. If you have Blog like that than you don’t have to read anymore.

Since Network Marketing works Online very good Blog become one of the main thing for expanding the business. Everybody is online and in front of their computer, tablets, smartphones everybody. So, to have a Blog is a real great idea.

What is the most important  thing on your Blog, that is your mailing list.  Why mailing list. You know that in network marketing since network marketing exist everybody says that the money is in the list. Do you remember this days? I do, always upline said money is in the list. We always have to expand our list all the time. Now it is much easier, because you can work on your list online. Expand it even more, why? Because before you had your friends and family. everything else was cold list which was not for everybody and it was pretty hard to make a duplication with that.

Today with attraction marketing you can very easy find new people on your list and those people call leads. So, to have more leads probably you will have more money. But it don’t have to be like that. You an also made money with not so much people on your list. Here you can see this lady how she made a lot of money with a small list. Her name is Diane Hochman and in her program Twist the list you can see how she made a lot of money even with a small list. Click here for entry in Twist the list


Capture form

To have any list you have to first have good prepared blog. What is that mean? That mean that you must have capture form on your blog. So, you can have people who will register and be on your list. This small capture form is the most important thing on your blog, because without it you cannot put anybody on your list.

What is a good capture form and why should someone give you his/hers email. People have anyway too much emails to read. They don’t have enough time to read it. Why should they give you theirs email? One good reason is that will get something in return. No body will give you his email just like that for sending your stuff to him. No, things don’t work anymore like that. Maybe long time ago, but now no.

You have to give them something in return. Your capture form must have headline let’s say like that “5 Facebook strategies for generating more leads” or “7 strategies for this and for that”, or something like that. So, when they put their name and email in this form they will get your 5 or 7 ways to do something better. Any good information will help. You have to know your niche, you have to know what your people who read your blog need and that you have to give them.

Don’t have capture form in the way that you promise them good information or newsletter. No body wants newsletter anymore, no body wants anymore emails. People need things which will help them to made more leads, more money and you have to provide them that. Not another Newsletter.

Think about it what would be best thing to give them, so they can give you their email. If you have any problem with your Blog and don’t know how to set up it? Or you do not have a Blog and you would like to have it, but you don’t know how to start it. Click here and take the this online seminar from the best blogger in the world mr. Ray Higdon will teach you everything you need to know about blogging.  


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