Why you should Brand yourself in network Marketing?


Times are changing and 20 years before Network Marketing was not so much online. Nothing. Was so much online. There was things, but not i that way. Now everybody have mobile smartphones and everybody can be online all the time. So, that is why network Marketing is much more interested than before.

Since there is a lot of different companies which goes up and down during the time. It very good idea to brand yourself.


1. Online you can easy work with whole world

Great thing with Online network Marketing is that you can work with a whole world. You are not limited to only one country. So, world is pretty big and you have to make some effort to be known in the other part of the world. But you can! So, start to brand yourself. Good way to do it is with your Blog. Since Blog can see everybody in whole world it is one fantastic way.


2. Company can go down

I am sure that people who are in Network Marketing don’t think too much about their company. Because always upline said that this company is the best in the world, but reality can be different. Because people do not know status of company and what struggle have this company to survive. So, if company goes down and you didn’t brand yourself than you are in real trouble. If you brand yourself as a great leader, than if you go to some other company people will go with you.


3. You as a product

People just do not listen when somebody told them that everything is a sale. They think that sales is only when some sales person sales something to somebody else. This is not true. Sales is everything. When you want to learn somebody something you have to sale yourself before than you can teach somebody something. Otherways why would somebody listen to you?

In Network Marketing You are a product and best way to sell yourself is to made a Brand of yourself.


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