If you were sold the ultimate dream, you might feel a little letdown. That’s because the idea of starting a business doesn’t usually end with crippling debts and lifeless sales. However, that is the reality for the majority of startups as only two out of ten make it past the first year. Sorry, but you are not the exception that proves the rule – you are the rule.



Still, the fact that the business is on death’s door doesn’t mean it is dead. In fact, there still might be life left in the old dog yet. The reason we say this is because it is possible to revive a failing company as the trick is to use all the resources at your disposal. To help, here are the steps that you will need if you plan to succeed.



Step 1: Understand The Problem

There are general issues which lots of businesses have to deal with, but that doesn’t mean you can guess the problem. To diagnose it, it’s essential to figure it out first before you try and stem the bleeding. Otherwise, the measures you take might not work, and that will turn out to be a massive waste. So, the key is to find out what is going wrong. For example, are you losing money because of a bad deal with your suppliers? Or are the overheads too much? What about the customers? Are you losing them to competitors? As you can see, there is a multitude of reasons firms fail, so never assume.




Step 2: Take Preventative Measures

Once you know why the business is failing, you have to address it as soon as possible. The longer you leave it, the worse the situation will get. Simply put, it will escalate out of control. What you have to do is use the problem to find a solution. For example, if you are losing customers to rival companies, you will want to ask why. It might be because the product is inferior, or it might be that the pricing is wrong. As soon as you have the answer, you can make the necessary changes to bring them back to the fold. For instance, rebranding a product or service is a great way to deal with a bad stigma.







Step 3: Spring Clean

One of the biggest problems facing a business today is a skills shortage. There is a chance that the people at your disposal aren’t up to the standard, yet they continue to have a job. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but they are the reason you are failing. If they don’t have the skill, they won’t be performing to a high standard and the entire firm will suffer. Although it isn’t nice, you have to get rid of the deadwood and employ workers that can do the job. Employees are a major part of what you are trying to achieve, so you need competent people. If they are not in the right positions, the company will never rotate in a different direction.




Step 4: Cut Costs

Even though the problem might not relate to your finances, cutting costs do help. The reason is simple: failing businesses need money and cutting costs provide breathing space. Now, there are lots of ways to do it, and the option you choose depends on the circumstances. If you are in a tight spot financially, a provisional liquidation can be helpful. With a liquidation company like Dissolve in your corner, it is possible to preserve the firm’s assets. However, if this seems like a risky path to walk, investing in technology might be a safer option. That way, you can maintain a high level of productivity while cutting the labour force.





Step 5: Sell Your Staff

No, this doesn’t mean you should sell them down the river. Instead, it means that you need to sell them a great pitch. Workers are not stupid and they know when something is wrong. As a result, it isn’t difficult for fear and trepidation to spread throughout the office. If you are going to survive, you will need every individual working at the maximum, and fear isn’t the right tool to use. What you have to do is be truthful, explain the situation, and pull together as a team. Otherwise, the business will continue on its current trajectory. So, selling the staff the dream you once had is essential.



It is no secret that turning a failing business around is hard work. However, it isn’t impossible if you follow the tips above and never give in.




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