Never Underestimate the Importance of Keyword Research


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Keywords are an absolutely vital part of any online marketing campaign. And performing keyword research is one of the most valuable uses of your time and resources in this entire process. A small business needs to focus on these areas.


By doing proper keyword research, you’ll not only learn more about the intricate workings of search engines. You’ll also learn more about the mindset of your consumers.


You need to define your keywords


Finding the keywords that will bring you the most success in your business is going to take a bit of research. One of the most important things to do is define your product in as general a way as possible. You also need to do a little bit of research regarding your competitors; it’s all going to affect the keywords you need to use.




Keywords can fall into the following types: brand, generic, competitor, and related. Let’s say, for the sake of making this as clear as possible, that your company is Dell. Your competitor is Hewlett-Packard. Your brand keyword would be “Dell”. “Hewlett-Packard” would be the competitor keyword. Your generic keywords would see the brandings removed from the terms completely. So they would include something like “personal computer”. A related keyword could be something like “hardware”, among others.


Is this just an SEO thing, or…?


Keyword research is an important factor in the strategy of any expert dedicated to online marketing. Whatever the particular marketing technique is, the use of keywords is going to play a large part in it. Let’s look at pay-per-click, for example. If you’re going with a pay-per-click method, you’ll want to get a focus on your keywords so you know what words to use to get people to a specific location. And, as I said, the experts know this – that’s why you can get a dedicated PPC agency you help you with it.




Understanding a searcher’s mindset


When users go to search engines and enter their queries, they might use language that is completely different from what you expect. I’m not talking about a foreign language, exactly, although you may want to consider that too. What I’m referring to is the fact that most users of a search engine won’t know exactly what it is they’re looking for. (This should highlight to you the importance of finding the generic keywords I referred to earlier!)


A user will likely begin a search using words that describe their specific problem or vague desire. Your average search will then go through a progression. Users will start to add keywords to their search in order to narrow things down and get the page they’re looking for.




What tools should I use?


Well, as I mentioned earlier, it’s always good to work with an agency in these matters. But you’re going to need to do some of the work here in any case. As the employer and employees of the business, you’re really the best people to brainstorm relevant keywords.


Once you have keywords, you can search for them manually to assess their efficacy in your campaign. You can also use something like Google Trends to see how your ideas can be correlated with current trends.

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