Difference between success and failure!

failureThere is a lot of people who thinks that it is not fair that are not successful. I would like to say that there is a lot of people who are not real in their opinions.

On the other hand there is a lot of people who are jealous on successful people. The biggest problem is that they are not aware why they are not successful.

The fact is that you can’t be successful if you spend your days in front of television. People who are not active in their lives they will not be successful. That is the biggest difference between failure and successful people.




Do you spend time with successful people? If you do, than you know those guys are very active. They do not lose time in front of television or on beer, or somewhere else. They work, and work hard. In the same time they like what they do. That is the reason why they work so much. One of the biggest thing in your life is that you like to do what you do.

I like to write. Until now I wrote two books and I run three blogs in the same time. So, I write a lot and I love it. When people do, what they don’t like then they quit very fast. In any case Successful people are very active. They are all in one action!



I am sure that you notice people who are without energy and mainly doing nothing? Those kind of people are not successful. Things are very simple if you don’t want to be a failure, and if you would like to be successful you have to take a massive action and don’t quit in the process. All failures are not taking any action or they quit all the time and starts something new. They can start new things every day, but there will be no change in their lives.

Just to make it clear. Sometimes it is better to quit on what are you doing, when you are sure that this is not for you. But, don’t quit to soon and move your self in the massive action. That is how you will become successful!

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