Leaflets For A Modern Business: Yay Or Nay?





For the modern business, the majority of marketing and promotion tends to happen online. That just makes sense, given the reach of the internet is far more than could be seen with the more conventional forms of advertising.


Nevertheless, a complete advertising strategy would take nothing for granted. While the modern methods are all well and good, is there a place for some of the so-called “old school” methods of marketing – such as leafleting?



YAY: Leaflets Are Effective

Nothing is so direct as a leaflet, that’s for sure. It goes right through someone’s door, and it can be done at times that ensure it’s not going to be mixed in with other post or junk mail. That means it’s more likely to be seen by the people you intend to target. While some might just throw your leaflet away, there’s a high chance someone will take notice of it – especially if you include a discount code on the leaflet.




NAY: Leaflets Are Annoying

For anyone who is environmentally-aware, leaflets can seem like overkill in the modern world where other forms of advertising are available. However, you can combat against this by printing leaflets on recycled paper and making sure you mention this within the text.




YAY: Leaflets Are Simple

You don’t need to have a huge knowledge in graphic design to make a leaflet, nor do you need expensive printing supplies. Handwritten text and rubber stamps can create a nice-looking leaflet, which you can then photocopy and distribute. That means that the outlay is surprisingly small, all while having a decent chance of reaching a customer who is genuinely interested in your product.




NAY: Leaflets Don’t Distribute Themselves

This, of course, has to be taken into consideration – leaflets are not just going to fly into people’s homes. That means you’re going to have to invest to get them there. You could do it yourself, though obviously this is a fairly time-intensive endeavour. Or you could hire someone to distribute them for you. This is a good idea, but you have to be careful about who you choose – there are a few stories around of some employees deciding to just dump their leaflets in a bin and call it done! One way of preventing this is to include your home address on the drop route, so you will definitely know if leaflets have been being delivered.




YAY: Leaflets Can Help You Reach Customers You Otherwise Wouldn’t

This is well worth considering. While you can advertise online, there are some sections of society that you will never reach with this tactic. Older people – who are less likely to browse online – can be reached this way. The same is true of the younger generation, especially those who might use an ad blocker online and thus wouldn’t see any advertising or marketing that you did without a physical leaflet.



Ultimately, the decision should be made on the funds you have available and whether you have the time to dedicate to a strong leafleting campaign. There are benefits to doing so, but it’s not as quick as adding an ad online or working with social media as promotion. Why not give it a try on a small scale, judge its success, and decide from there if it’s something you want to continue?



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