Are social media full of business links?

Did you notice that internet and social media is full of links which drive you to some business? Those links are without any value, and most probably rare people open such links.





There is really lot of this links on Twitter on Facebook and so on. This links which can take you to a “Lot of money without work” made really big damage to the Network marketing industry.
Did you know that one result of that kind a behavior is you cannot even pay an ad on Google if you want to promote Network Marketing. I even Heard Ray Higdon Said that YouTube shut down video channels which are involved in Network Marketing. Maybe that is changed but You Tube shut down Ray’s account.
In any case point of this story is that people who put links about their business everywhere make a huge damage to our industry. If we put this damage on the side. Spamming social media will not bring any new business to those people. Nothing, this only made damage to this beautiful industry.
All of those People have to learn the right way how to do Network Marketing business. Not, with spamming, not with forcing friends and family to join in the business. But, with creating relationship and good spirit arround our industry.


Network Marketing is a leadership business. So, everybody who would like to be successful in Network Marketing should learn leadership skills, everybody. Than it would be much easier to work for them and for everybody else. Anyway, you cannot force somebody in the business. First you have to know the person, to learn what are they problem and struggle. Then gave them solution to their problems. Not to give them solution which they do not need. Remember you can Bring a horse to the water, but you can’t force him to drink. Very simple! Find what horse need and give him that!
With spamming links every body feed us with something we do no want. It is not hard to learn a good way how to do it. Just take a look at this learning platform and things will change for you a lot. Even if you are a not spammer also it is good to learn new things!
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