Paid or organic traffic on Social Media

trafficInternet Bring all different kind of possibilities. There is lot different social media platforms. Lot of, a really lot. You cannot work on so much social media platforms how many there is social media platforms.
So, we have a two ways how we can raise awareness that we are alive and here. One is organic way, another way is that we pay for advertising. Of course there is a third way which is a combination of those two.




To have lot of organic traffic is really great. It cost you nothing, except little work on and that’s it. So, this is fantastic! Normal thing is that everybody would like to have lot of organic traffic, but things do not go in that way.
There is too much people on social media that somebody may find you in all those crowd. The fact is that it is much easier to have big organic audience on some new social media, than on older ones like Facebook or Twitter. But if you would like to learn how to have lot if organic traffic on Twitter you can take this course to learn it.


Situation with paying is little different. If you pay it is relative easy to have big traffic. In any case it is important to create ads in a right way. Because if you will not create ad in the right way, then you will only lose your money. So, it is important to create great ad. Goal of marketing is not that you spend all of your money. Goal of marketing is that you create such a marketing campaign that you earn money. If you invest 1$ you should get back 1.5$ out of that. Then you are good in Marketing and then you can have ads how much you want, the more the better. If you want to learn how to have great ads on Facebook take this course!

Traffic Combination

Of course most of the people would like to have only organic traffic. But, for most of the people organic traffic is pretty hard to achieve, and usually it is not enough. That’s  why you must have combination. You have to work on your organic traffic as also you are working on paid traffic. That is for sure the best tactic. If you are working on different social media, on old ones like Facebook or Twitter you can use paid and organic traffic. But on the new social media platform work on organic traffic. Because on new social media it is much easier to have more organic traffic.

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