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There are lots of different parts of that make the perfect business person. You need to be able to be able to broker deals with various clients and ensure you can negotiate prices and fees that are beneficial to your company. You also need to be a good manager and ensure that you motivate your employees to always achieve their best. There are lots of other necessary skills and characteristics that entrepreneurs need to have, including great communication skills and organizational skills. But did you also know that you should try and be a fortune teller?


All of the best business owners are able to predict coming trends in a variety of areas so that they can try and keep ahead of their competitors. Buying a crystal ball isn’t possible, unfortunately, but that shouldn’t stop you trying to look into your future. There are these following ways, for instance, that can help you hone your business fortune-telling skills.


How To Spot A Trend

Rather than just being able to look into the future, you need to be able to specifically pinpoint the products and services that are going to become trends. You should also try and figure out any possible new trends in consumers’ buying habits and behavior. Here are some ways you can try and spot a trend before it becomes the next big thing.







  • Look For Sustainability


There are lots of fleeting trends that seem to come and go within a state of a couple of weeks or months. Ideally, you need to be able to spot the trends that will stick around for a bit longer, such as for over a year. If you take a look at the market right now, products and services that are sustainable and are minimum in their damage to the environment. Market research shows that consumers are now keen to find new products and services that can help them lead sustainable lives. So, when it comes to trends, it looks like sustainability is here to stay.



  • A Trend Is Always Highly Useful


Sure, people love novel items and services. But novelties don’t often stick around for too long. When it comes to spotting a long-term trend that can bring in more money to your business, you should look for products or services that are highly useful rather than novel. Take a look at ecommerce businesses, as an example. About ten years ago these kinds of companies were in their infancy and hardly any consumers were using them because they seemed like a very novel idea. But now that they are in the mainstream and are seen as the norm, they have become much more ubiquitous and highly useful. So, as well as sustainable, you should also look for a product or service that is highly useful.







  • It Links To Other Trends


Did you know that most trends come about because they are closely associated with an established trend? More often than not, a very popular trend is born out of a few different smaller and not as significant trends coming together to make something much more popular. Just take the current trend for filing taxes electronically. This brings together and relies on a few other trends, including mobile technology and cloud computing.



  • There’s A History Behind It


If there is a history behind an upcoming trend, then there are good chances that it will do particularly well and could quickly catch on. Just look at the fashion world, for instance. When it comes to fashion, trends come and go out of fashion every few years. This is also the case with trends in business, it just isn’t always as noticeable.






Of course, trying to spot trends in business isn’t just so you can try and bring on the next big thing onto your product list. It is also a handy way to pick the best investment for your company’s cash. Ready to try and see which investments will do well for you and your company in the future? Here are some more tips.


How To Spot A Good Investment



  • Look At Multiple Scenarios


When you are looking into new investments, you should always consider multiple scenarios that might happen. Try and think of two at the very least: one optimistic one and one quite conservative one. This will help you figure out what the best that could happen is and what the worst that could happen is. If the worst-case scenario doesn’t look too bad, then it could be a worthy investment.







  • Check The Latest News


You might not realize it, but current affairs have a huge impact on how well investments do. For instance, if you have invested money in some EU-based companies, then they might lose value slightly when there is political upheaval in Europe. An example of this is what is going on right now in Germany. It looks like the country might have to go back to the polls for another election because Angela Merkel hasn’t been able to come to an agreement for a coalition. The investment markets don’t like this uncertainty, so you might find that your current European investments aren’t doing too well at the minute.



  • Always Review Your Investment Forecasts



Once you make your predictions, you should never simply forget about them. It’s important that you check in on your investments on a regular basis as they aren’t static. Their value will be fluctuating on a day to day basis. So, you need to always check them and see if there is anyway you need to alter your predictions and forecasts. If you do, and you think that things are going to get worse with one particular investment, you should think about moving your funds elsewhere.

It’s super important that you try and look into your company’s future. It also helps if you are able to predict the future of your investment. Hopefully, all of the above tips can help you with those tasks. They should work much better than using a crystal ball!


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